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Haunted and Abandoned

This is a list of World travel destinations that are allegedly haunted or were abandoned by humans at some point at time. Some buildings and cities were turned into tourist destinations, while others still lay forgotten.








North America


North East

America's Stonehenge


America's Stonehenge arguable the most mysterious places in USA that is still in the middle of the debates on the age of the construction.

Bannerman Castle


Abandoned ruins of Bannerman Castle is a picturesque structure that implements architecture of the European castle in United States.

Bara-Hack Ghost Town


Bara- Hack is an abandoned ghost town near Pomfret, Connecticut. It was found by Welsh immigrants in 1780's.

Eastern State Penitentiary


Eastern State Penitentiary that once served as a prison for Al Capone today is abandoned, but many claim paranormal encounters within its walls.

Fort Adams


Fort Adams that stands in Rhode Island is one of the most impressive American forts and a true feat of military engineering.



Ruins of Dudleytown draws ghost hunters in hopes to find evidence of paranormal activity that allegedly manifests here.

Fort McHenry


Fort McHenry heroic stance against the British inspired the poem that became later the American national anthem.

Fort Stanwix


Fort Stanwix is a historic military stronghold located in Rome, New York in USA. This star shaped fort covers an area of 16 acres (6.5 ha).

Fort Ticonderoga


Fort Ticonderoga is a French citadel constructed in 1755- 58 in Ticonderoga, New York State in United States.

Gettysburg National Military Park


Gettysburg National Military Park is a site of the largest battle that was fought during Civil War.

Glenn Dale Hospital


Abandoned Glenn Dale Hospital located outside of American capital is famous for its haunting and paranormal activity.

North Brother Island


North Brother Island is famous for its abandoned hospital that quarantined patient with transmissible diseases. It most famous patient was typhoid Mary.

Pennhurst State Hospital & School


Abandoned Pennhurst Insane Asylum is one of the largest abandoned hospitals that is said to be haunted by the disturbed spirits.

Smallpox Hospital


Smallpox Hospital is an abandoned building of a former medical facility located on Roosevelt Island in the heart of New York City in a state of New York.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum


Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is one of the largest and one of the most haunted places in West Virginia and all of USA.

White Mountain National Forest

White Mountain National Forest is a picturesque range of mountains covered by beautiful virgin forests. Besides the land is full of stories of haunting and ghosts of former inhabitants of this land.


Bulow Plantation


Bulow Plantation, thus ruins you can see in the park, was originally constructed in 1821 after Major Charles Wilhelm Bulow bought 4,675 acres of surrounding lands.

Castillo de San Marcos


Castillo de San Marcos is situated at 11 South Castillo Dr, St. Augustine, Florida. It was constructed in 1672 by the Spanish army when it was part of the Spanish Empire.

Fort Donelson National Battlefield


Fort Donelson National Battlefield cover are of two Confederate forts Donelson and Heiman that stand overlooking Cumberland river.

Fort Frederica National Monument


Fort Frederica National Monument is an open air museum of the British fort located on St. Simons Island, Georgia in United States. It was constructed in 1736- 1748 by British General James E. Oglethorpe and covers an area 241 acres.

Fort Matanzas National Monument


Fort Matanzas National Monument is an old Spanish fortress located in St. Johns County, Florida. It was constructed in 1740-42 to secure Spanish possessions in the New World.

Fort Pulaski National Monument


Fort Pulaski National Monument houses old American fortress that was constructed in 1829 under orders of Major General Babcock who was later replaced by Second Lieutenant Robert E. Lee.

Fort Sumter


Fort Sumter Fort Sumter is a famous site where first shorts of the Civil War were fired in 1861. It is located Charleston County, SC.

Horseshoe Bend


Horseshoe Bend National Military Park is a national park that was a site of last important battle of the Creek War on March 27, 1814 between American forces and native tribes.

Shiloh National Military Park


Shiloh National Military Park is a former battle site where Union forces fought with the Confederate army on April 6– April 7, 1862.

Trail of Tears


Trail of Tears is historic term given to several paths that were used by the native tribes of Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee Creek, and Seminole during forceful relocation to a state of Oklahoma in 1831.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium


Waverly Hills Sanatorium with colorful and dark history is one of the largest and most famous haunted destinations in the United States.


Animas Forks Ghost Town


Animas Forks Ghost Town is situated 12 miles Northeast of Silverton, San Juan County, Colorado in United States.

Belmont Ghost Town


Belmont is an abandoned ghost town situated in Nevada. Belmont was found in 1865 on a site of newly discovered silver deposit.

Bodie Ghost Town


Bodie in California is one of the largest and best preserved ghost towns in United States.

Bosler Ghost Town


Bosler Ghost Town is an abandoned settlement in Albany County in South- Eastern Wyoming, United States.

Bannack Ghost Town


Bannack Ghost Town is a historic abandoned settlement located in Beaverhead Country, Montana near modern day town of Dillon. Bannack was originally found in 1862.

Chaco Culture National Historical Park


Ruins in the Chaco Canyon are some of the largest and most sophisticated structures in the region left by the Anasazi tribe.

Darwin Ghost Town


Ghost town of Darwin takes its name from Dr. E. Darwin French who lead an expedition in 1860 in search of legendary Lost Gunsight lode.

Elkhorn Ghost Town


Elkhorn, Montana was constructed on a site of a silver mining camp after a large deposit of precious metal was discovered nearby.

Fort Laramie


Fort Laramie National Historic Site covers an area of 833 acres and protects ruins of the historic fortress that was originally found in 1830's.

Fort Ross


Fort Ross was found here as a fortress post for the Russian empire in 1812 it was intended protect the possessions of the Russian tsars in the New World.

Fort Union National Monument


Fort Union National Monument in Mora County, New Mexico protects ruins of the former frontier fort constructed by the US Army.

Garnet Ghost Town


Garnet, Montana is a ghost town found near a golden deposit that was discovered here in 1862.

Gold Point Ghost Town


Gold Point Ghost Town is an abandoned settlement in Esmeralda County of Nevada. It was originally found in 1880's.

Golden Ghost Town


Golden Ghost Town is an abandoned settlement situated in Josephine County, OR. First community was established here in 1840's.

Grafton Ghost Town


Grafton Ghost Town is situated in Washington County in Utah. It was found in 1859 and was eventually abandoned in 1921.

Hardman Ghost Town


Hardman is an abandoned community in Morrow County of Oregon. It was originally found in 1870s.

La Purisima Mission


La Purisima Mission is the only Spanish Catholic mission structure in California in United States. Rumors still persist that this historical complex is haunted by the spirits of people who once lived and died here.

Mogollon Ghost Town


Mogollon Ghost Town is an abandoned settlement in Catron County of New Mexico. It was originally found in 1880's.

Molson Ghost Town


Molson is a ghost town located in Okanogan County, Washington. The town was found in 1900 by George Meacham and John Molson.

Nevadaville Ghost Town


Nevadaville is an abandoned mining settlement situated in Gilpin County, Colorado. It was originally found in 1859.

Randsburg Ghost Town


Randsburg is situated in Kern County, off the US Highway 395 in California. The settlement was found in 1895 around gold mines.

Rhyolite Ghost Town


Rhyolite Ghost Town is an abandoned settlement in Nye County, Nevada and was originally found in 1904.

Saint Elmo Ghost Town


Saint Elmo Ghost Town located in Colorado is one of the best preserved ghost town in United States.

Vulture Mine Ghost Town


Vulture Mine is an abandoned ghost town located in Maricopa County in a state of Arizona, USA. The town was originally found in 1863.


McPike Mansion


McPike is an abandoned residence in Alton in the Southern Illinois that is alleged to be haunted. It was constructed in 1869 by Henry Guest McPike.

Mudhouse Mansion


Mudhouse Mansion is an abandoned residence situated outside a town of Lancaster, Fairfield County in a state of Ohio. It was constructed in 1870's.

Ohio State Reformatory


Abandoned Ohio State Reformatory that is known for its paranormal activity is also known as a filming site of The Shawshank Redemption.

Peoria State Hospital


Peoria State Hospital is an abandoned Asylum for the Incurable Insane that is claimed to be haunted by its former inmates.

Prospect Place


Prospect Place Mansion or Trinway Mansion is a historic abandoned building in Trinway, Ohio that is claimed to be haunted. It was constructed in 1856.

The Buxton Inn


Historic Buxton Inn situated in Granville, Ohio is famous as a paranormal hot spot with many witnesses claiming supernatural encounters.

Villisca Axe Murders House


Villisca Axe Murders House in Villisca, Iowa is a famous site of a gruesome murder of the whole family that occurred here on June 10, 1912.

Barkerville Ghost Town


Barkerville Ghost Town is situated in a province of British Columbia in Canada. It was originally found in 1862.

Costa Rica

San Lucas Prison


Remains of the San Lucas Prison in San Lucas Island is said to be the most haunted site in the Costa Rica.

Sanatorio Carlos Duran


Abandoned Sanatorio Carlos Duran situated is Costa Rica is said to be haunted by those who died here.


Cabrits National Park

Cabrits National Park was established in 1986 to protect an abandoned ruins of an old British Shirley Fort those spectacular ruins are mostly covered by a lush Caribbean jungle.


El Mirador


El Mirador Archeological Site is one of the largest, one of the oldest and least uncovered Mayan city state.



Tikal is an ancient Mayan site located in El Petén Department of Guatemala was first settled in the 4th century BC.


Green Grotto Caves

Green Grotto Caves in the heart of the Jamaican jungle were used by natives as a place of worship.

Port Royal

Port Royal is an old fort that was intended to stop piracy in the region. Due to its strategic location Port Royal was a hot bed for privateer action not only in Jamaica, but the whole Caribbean basin.


Rose Hall is a colonial mansion famous for its interesting history and paranormal activity that some claim is present here.


Chichen Itza


Magnificent ruins of Chichen Itza are located in Yucatan peninsula. It is largest and one of the most impressive Mayan city states.



Mayan city of Coba is famous for numerous religious buildings including the highest pyramid constructed by the Mayan civilization.

Museo Leon Trotsky


Museo Leon Trotsky is a former house of Russian- Jewish revolutionary who was killed here by the orders of Stalin.



Palenque that is located in Yucatan peninsula is one of the largest and mysterious of Mayan city states.

Paricutin Volcano


Paricutin Volcano started erupting in the early twentieth century and covered human structures. Some are still visible today.



Mysterious ruins of Teotihuacan still puzzle many historians with its origins, purpose of symbolism in its construction as well as life style of its residents.


Panama Viejo


Panama Viejo is a former old Panama City. Today it is situated in its suburbs of the modern capital of Panama.

Puerto Rico

San Juan

Colorful capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, is one of the most attractive cities in the western hemisphere.

San Felipe del Morro

Castillo de San Felipe del Morro or Fortaleza San Felipe del Morro is part of the defenses of the Old San Juan.









Lake Toplitz      


Knossos Santorini  
Mannerheim Line      


Fort du Portalet Montsegur Oradour-sur-Glane  


Beelitz Military Hospital Burg Lahneck    


Dunmore Cave Leap Castle    


Balestrino Herculaneum Oplontis Pompeii
Poveglia Island      


Wieliczka Salt Mine      


Bran Castle Hunedoara Castle    


Arkaim Death Valley Fabergé's House Fort Alexander
Fort Krasnaya Gorka Fort Ino Grebnebo Mologa
Novodvinskaya Fortress S'yani    



United Kingdom

Amberley Castle Battle Abbey Bodiam Castle Byland Abbey




Akhtala Monastery Geghard Monastery Haghpat Monastery Khor Virap Monastery
Kobayr Monastery Sanahin Monastery    


Angkor Preah Vihear Temple    


Great Wall Qin I’s mausoleum Yungang Grottoes  


Zarzma Monastery      


Ajanta Caves Bandhavgarh Fort Bhangarh Abandoned City Kanheri Caves
Namdapha National Park      


Masada Megiddo Qumran  




Tash Rabat      


Nan Madol      


Kabayan Mummies      

Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Dambulla Cave Temple    



Masyaf Castle      




Port Arthur Penitentiary      



Barkina Faso




Abydos Dendera Giza  




Shimoni Slave Caves      


Great Zimbabwe      


South America


Easter Island




Ayers Rock Fremantle Prison Port Arthur Penitentiary  









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