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'The Truth is out There". Or at least many people believe that were are not alone in the Universe. Whether it is extraterrestrials, guests from the future or simply mistake we are going to list various events that are associated with UFO.









History of UFO sightings


Ancient Accounts


1504- 1450 BC

Egyptian papyrus described an event in the time of reign of Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose III (ruled between 1504- 1450 BC)


"In the year 22, of the 3rd month of winter, sixth hour of the day... the scribes of the House of Life found it was a circle of fire that was coming in the sky.... It had no head, the breath of its mouth had a foul odor. Its body one rod long and one rod wide. It had no voice. Their hearts became confused through it; then they laid themselves on their bellies....They went to the Pharaoh... to report it. His Majesty ordered .... [an examination of] all which is written in the papyrus rolls of the House of Life. His Majesty was meditating upon what happened. Now after some days had passed, these things became more numerous in the sky than ever. They shone more in the sky than the brightness of the sun, and extended to the limits of the four supports of the heavens.... Powerful was the position of the fire circles. The army of the Pharaoh looked on with him in their midst. It was after supper. Thereupon, these fire circles ascended higher in the sky towards the south... The Pharaoh caused incense to be brought to make peace on the hearth... And what happened was ordered by the Pharaoh to be written in the annals of the House of Life... so that it be remembered for ever. (Brinsley Le Poer Trench, The Flying Saucer Story, pp.81-82)"


214 BC

Famous Roman historian Livy describes strange objects in the sky that resembled ships in his monumental work on Roman history known as Ab Urbe Condita Libri. It occured near a town of Arpi, that is situated 180 Roman miles East of Rome in a province of Apulia. However he compiled his work in the late 1st century BC, almost 200 years after the event. So we don't know what is the sources of this story.


99 BC

At the time when L. Valerius and C. Murius were consuls in a region of Tarquinia in Italy locals saw strange flames fall on the ground. Later towards the sunset people saw a strange round objects that spew these flames. It moved from West to East.


90 BC

In a province of Umbria near a town of Spoletium (65 Roman miles North of Rome) there was reported a ball of fire that fell to Earth. It was rotating as it was descending to Earth. However it stopped, increased in size and ascended back to the sky and disappeared in the Eastern quadrant of the sky.


74 BC

Roman historian Plutarch (lived c. 36- 120 AD) describes a strange event in his book Lucullus. It occurred in Phrygia, Asia, modern day Central Turkey.  Roman politician and general Lucullus was about to commence a battle against Mithridates VI of Pontus. "But presently, as they were on the point of joining battle, with no apparent change of weather, but all on a sudden, the sky burst asunder, and a huge, flame-like body was seen to fall between the two armies. In shape, it was most like a wine-jar ("pithoi"), and in colour, like molten silver. Both sides were astonished at the sight, and separated." (Lucullus 8, 6)


70 AD

Another UFO was seen over Jerusalem and a Temple of Jerusalem. Several such instances were described by Josephus Flavius in his book of "War of the Jews".


"Thus there was a star resembling a sword, which stood over the city, and a comet, that continued a whole year. Thus also before the Jews' rebellion, and before those commotions which preceded the war, when the people were come in great crowds to the feast of unleavened bread, on the eighth day of the month Xanthicus, [month Nisan (April- May),] and at the ninth hour of the night, so great a light shone round the altar and the holy house, that it appeared to be bright day time; which lasted for half an hour. This light seemed to be a good sign to the unskilful, but was so interpreted by the sacred scribes, as to portend those events that followed immediately upon it. At the same festival also, a heifer, as she was led by the high priest to be sacrificed, brought forth a lamb in the midst of the temple. "

"There appeared in the air over the whole country chariots and armed troops coursing through the clouds, surrounding the cities"


c. 150 AD

In a Christian work known as The Shepherd of Hermas where was a description of a vision of Hermas the brother of Pope Pius I as he travelled on a clear sunny day. This event occured on Via Campana, an ancient Roman Road that connects Rome with Capua.


1[22]:5 And I went on a little, brethren, and behold, I see a cloud of dust rising as it were to heaven, and I began to say within myself, "Can it be that cattle are coming, and raising a cloud of dust?" for it was just about a stade from me.

1[22]:6 As the cloud of dust waxed greater and greater, I suspected that it was something supernatural. Then the sun shone out a little, and behold, I see a huge beast like some sea-monster, and from its mouth fiery locusts issued forth. And the beast was about a hundred feet in length, and its head was as it were of pottery.

1[22]:7 And I began to weep, and to entreat the Lord that He would rescue me from it. And I remembered the word which I had heard, "Be not of doubtful mind, Hermas."

1[22]:8 Having therefore, brethren, put on the faith of the Lord and called to mind the mighty works that He had taught me, I took courage and gave myself up to the beast. Now the beast was coming on with such a rush, that it might have ruined a city.

1[22]:9 I come near it, and, huge monster as it was, it stretcheth itself on the ground, and merely put forth its tongue, and stirred not at all until I had passed by it.

1[22]:10 And the beast had on its head four colors; black then fire and blood color, then gold, then white.

2[23]:1 Now after I had passed the beast, and had gone forward about thirty feet, behold, there meeteth me a virgin arrayed as if she were going forth from a bridal-chamber all in white and with white sandals, veiled up to her forehead, and her head-covering consisted of a turban, and her hair was white.


20th century sightings


June 24, 1947

Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting. Private pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed to have seen a string like formation of nine unidentified flying objects while flying past Mount Rainier in the state of Washington in USA. Kenneth Arnold approximated the speed of these flying machines to be no less than 1200 miles per hour or 1932 km per hour. The news of his sightings made to the newspapers that coined the phrase "Flying Saucers" that made UFO so popular.


July 7th, 1947

Roswell UFO Crash. The crash site was reported on a small ranch located 30 miles North of Roswell in New Mexico, USA. It became the first event that made UFO a household name. A possibility of existence of extraterrestrial lives gets its solid evidence in the eye of many. Roswell alleged crash also begins a history of conspiracy theorists that claims that the government knows about aliens, but don't want to report it to the public.












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