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Buddhism was found by Gautama Buddha also known as Siddhartha Gautama or simply Buddha. Buddha is nor a personal name, but rather a title that can be translated as "the enlightened one" or "awakened one". According to Buddhist mythology he was prince in the ancient Shakya republic in the North India. He left his throne, wife and child to seek solitude in the wilderness where he achieved enlightenment. He set several rule for people to follow his path known as the Middle Way that constitute Buddhism today.












Buddha Probably never existed

Buddhism is undoubtedly one of the largest and influential religions in the modern World. Yet there might be good odds that the founder of the one of the most popular religions might have never existed on a first place. It would be wrong to completely deny the existence of some charismatic leader that started a movement known as Buddhism however many of the aspects of biography of Buddha- Gautama and his teaching indicate that this World religion was a product of many teachers that lived in separate time periods and had somewhat different ideas of achieving the enlightenment. Furthermore many aspects of the biography of Buddha has similar motifs in stories and legends of various groups of India and surrounding lands. It is probable that these legends simply were taken by the Buddhists to further enhance perfect image of prince Gautama that became known as Buddha.











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