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Tabgha is an important part in the lives of Jesus and his followers. It is located on the Western shores of the Sea of Galilee, not far from the Mountain of Beatitudes.



Location: Route 87, 10 km (6 mi) North of Tiberias




Descritption of Tabgha

Etymology of the name Tabgha is derived from the ancient Greek name of the settlement, Heptapegon that can be translated as a "seven springs" after natural springs that are found in the area. Eventually its pronunciation changed to "Tabego" and later it was changed to Tabgha.


According to an oral tradition the rock in the Church of Multiplications with the mosaic depicting Loaves and Fishes is exactly the site where Jesus Christ fed 5,000 followers with five loaves of bread and two fishes. The church in the shadows of a hill where church of the Beatitudes was erected marking the place where Christ gave Sermon on the Mount. First church marking the event was constructed on this site in the 4th century (around 350 AD) shortly after Christianity became a tolerated religion in the Roman Empire (313 AD Edict of Milan). Donations for the erection of the church were donated by Joseph of Tiberia, a Jewish noble who converted to Christianity.






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