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Schloss Esterhazy (Eisenstadt)

Schloss Esterhazy Eisenstadt





Tel. (02682) 63854 12


Jan- March: 9am- 5pm Fri- Sun

Apr- Oct: 9am- 5pm daily

Nov- Dec 9am- 5pm Thu- Sun





History of Schloss Esterhazy

Schloss Esterhazy or Castle Esterhazy is a former residence of Esterhazy aristocratic family. Schloss Esterhazy was erected in 1663- 73 under supervision of Carlo Martino Carlone for Paul I, first Prince of Esterhazy of Galantha. Prince himself explained his love for lavish residence by claiming that he was in fact of the royal blood and even claimed to be a direct descendant of barbarian king Attila. There is no scientific proof, however, that this Hungarian noble family has any connection to the legendary war chief.



Esterhazy Castle you see today was actually constructed on a site of much older medieval citadel that date back to 1390, which in turn stands on a site of much older fortress from the Dark Ages. Apparently there was another stronghold before that, but no records were found of that castle. Its remains were discovered only during archaeological digs.


In the 18th century the interior of the Esterhazy residence got neo- Classic renovation to its interior, while keeping its Baroque exterior intact. One of the most famous visitors of Schloss Esterhazy was famous composer Joseph Haydn (1732- 1809). He lived in the residence of the family, worked here and also entertained them by conducting his first performances for the Esterhazy family and their guests.