Bezděz Castle (Hrad Bezděz)

Bezděz Castle

Bezděz Castle is one of the few castles that are in original layout yet in fairly good condition. Build in 13th century Gothic citadel stands on top of 638 m hill and offers a great view from the top. It is located 20 km southeast of Česká Lípa in Northern Bohemia. The citadel in Bezdez is open to the public. Most notable parts of the castle are royal palace, well preserved early Gothic chapel and burgrave’s house. The Grand Tower with a Knights' Hall offers a view of the surrounding forests.

Besides Bezděz Castle itself visitors can enjoy hiking around the fortifications. Medieval walls of Bezděz Castle fit perfectly in the surrounding landscapes. The place is not very well- known with tourists since most foreigners simply don’t know about the location. This guarantees that you can escape noisy crowds.



Location: 20 km southeast of Česká Lípa, Northern Bohemia     Map

Found: 1264

Phone: +420 487 873 131


Open hours:

April: 10am- 4:30pm (Sat closed)

May- Sept: 9am- 4:30pm (Tue closed)

Oct: 9am- 3:30pm (Sat closed)

Entrance Fees: Full price: 60 CZK

Family: 160 CZK (max 2 adults, 6 children)

Children: 40 CZK

Students: 40 CZK

Senior: 40 CZK


History of Bezděz Castle

Bezděz Castle was build in 1264- 1278 by king of Bohemia Premysl Otakar II. It’s founder did not enjoy a new royal residence for long. On August 26, 1278 Otakar was killed in battle and his son (7- 8 years old at the time) Vaclav II was imprisoned within walls of Bezděz Castle along with his mother Queen Kunhuta. From 1300 to 1348 Bezdez was in the hands of Lords of Duba for their help in fighting Polish kingdom. However it was bought by Charles IV and it returned in the hands of the crown.


During Hussite revolution Bezdez citadel was attacked by the Hussites, but none of their attacks yielded any results. Bezděz changed hands several times, but finally it came into possession of Albrecht of Wallenstein or Valdštejn. Famous general of the Holy Roman Empire served Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II and after the Battle of White Mountain (1628)  he managed to gain large estates with the castle. Bezdez was part of the trophy. Albrech started remodeling and reconstruction of Bezdez fortress in 1628.


With no need for military fortifications Albrecht gave the castle away to Benedictines from Monserrat who brought a copy of the Madonna of Moserrat in 1666. This move raised prestige of the newly found monastery and quickly became the site of pilgrimage. Unfortunately during war between Austria and Prussia the monastery in Bezděz was occupied and looted. Soon thereafter the monastery was closed for good in 1785 by the orders of Holy Roman Emperor Josef II. The ruins of the monastery lay abandoned for almost a century. Local artists came to the region to pain beautiful locations with romantic silhouette of the Bezdez castle. First attempt to prevent destruction of the castle came in 1844. Today only parts of Bezděz Castle received some roofing to prevent further erosion. However much of Bezdez preserved its original medieval look.