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Church of Saint Nicholas (Prague) Kostel Sv. Mikulase


Present Church of Saint Nicholas as constructed by architect Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer in 1735 as part of a Benedictine Monastery on a site of a destroyed Romanesque church of the 13th century. Today Church of Saint Nicholas is the main Hussite church of the Czech Republic.




Staromestske namesti

Tel. 2241 90 991

Subway: Staromestska

Open: 10am- 4pm daily

Service: 10am Sun





Church of Saint Nicholas was closed in 1781 by Emperor Joseph II as it was deemed "socially useless" on behalf of the state. The interior was stripped bare from splendid decorations. During World War I Church of Saint Nicholas was used by the soldiers of the Prague's garrison. Restoration of the church began about the same time under supervision of the local colonel.

The facade of the building is decorated with statues of saints carved by sculpture Antonin Braun. The striking feature of the church interior is a magnificent crystal chandelier that was donated by the Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Today Church of Saint Nicholas is open to the public. It is commonly used for concerts and other cultural venues.










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