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Saint Vitus Cathedral (Prague)

Saint Vitus Cathedral (Prague)

Prague Cathedral is the seat of the archbishop of Prague. Full name of basilica is Cathedral of St. Vitus, St. Wenceslas and St. Adalbert.



Subway: Hradcanska, Malostranska

Open: Nov- Mar: 9am- 4pm Mon- Sat, 12pm- 4pm Sun

Apr- Oct: 9am- 6pm Mon- Sat, 12pm- 6pm Sun

Service: Mass 7am Mon- Sat, 8am, 9:30am, 11am Sun




Saint Vitus Cathedral (Prague)Initially a Romanesque rotunda on the present spot, build in 925 by Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia he also brought a holy relic from Emperor Henry I- arm of St. Vitus. It is possible, although not fully proved, that the name of Saint Vitus sounded a lot like Slavic Sun- God Svantevit thus it was chosen. In 1060 Spythinev II found a new Romanesque basilica once Prague became the seat of bishop. Present day gothic cathedral was found on November 12, 1344 once Prague’s status was raised to an archbishopric. It was intended for coronation of Bohemian king and Roman emperor Charles VI. In yearly 15th century the Great Tower was build, but  Hussite war soon brought an end to construction. Cathedral’s sculptures and dozens of pictures were destroyed. The fire in 1541 damaged building further. However it was restored. Today’s look the church acquired thanks to renovation in the middle 19th century and Rose Window that it got in 1929. Thus it took almost six centuries to finish this magnificent cathedral. The interior of the church has number of tombs of many Bohemian kings.


























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