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Jægerspris Castle (Jægerspris Slot)

Jægerspris Slot

Jægerspris Castle is located in Jægerspris on the island of Zealand in Denmark. You can get here from Danish Copenhagen by taking a S-train to Frederikssund and then a bus 322 to the castle.



Location: Jægerspris, island of Zealand  Map

Constructed: 13th century

Info: Jaegerspris Slot, Slotsgarden 20

Tel. 47 53 10 04

Open: Apr- Oct: 11am- 4pm Tue- Sun

Park: open daily




History of Jægerspris Castle


Construction of Jægerspris Castle began in the 13th century, but little is preserved from the Medieval times. Jægerspris Castle lost its military importance in the 16th and 17th centuries, but unlike other military fortification of the time it was reconstructed to serve as a hunting lodge. The castle changed its original name of Abrahamstrup was switched to Jægerspris Castle that literally means Hunter's Praise Castle.


In 1850's it became a private retreat for Danish king King Frederik VII and his wife Countess Danner. The marriage caused lots of controversy since it was a morganatic or an union between two people of unequal social status. Countess Danner was a ballet dancer and a singer before she was a spouse of a monarch earning a public scolding and hate. Eventually she transformed Jægerspris Castle into a asylum for women and found an organization of Frederick VII's Foundation for Poor Women from the Working Class. This earned this chateau another name of Donner's house.


The park around Jægerspris Castle is just as famous at the estate itself. The most famous tree on its ground is Kongeegen or The Royal Oak. It is the oldest tree in Northern Europe at its age of approximately 2000 years.











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