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Waverly Hills Sanatorium Most Notable Places


Waverly Hills Sanatorium is huge. Without a doubt it is one of the largest such medical facility in the country. However most of buildings were demolished and their location lost. Below are some of the most notable places in the main building of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium and its surroundings.












Surgery Room of Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Waverly Hills Sanatorium Surgery Room

Surgery Room of Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located on the fourth floor of the main building. It was state of the art, a medical wonder of its time. Doctors that worked here tried everything they could to save people who contracted the disease. Some of the operations were quiet horrific and barbaric by our modern standards. Ribs were removed (thoracoplasty), then lungs were removed, small balloons were inserted inside the chest or thoracic cavity. It was believed that losing part part of the lung tissue was worth the risk if the rest of the lung could be cured. Subsequent increase in volume of the balloon was supposed to "force out" the disease. It was performed as a last resort to save the patient who was mortally ill. Only about 5% of all people would survive this painful and gory procedure.


Waverly Hills Body chute


Waverly Hills Sanatorium Body ChuteBody Chute or Death Tunnel of Waverly Hills as it is occasionally called is a long tunnel that is 500 feet (150 meters) long. It was originally designed for workers that could easily access the top of the hill. It also had rail tracks and a cable system along its length that helped hospital staff to raise coal, food, medications and other things that the hospital needed. Over time however high mortality rate forced the administration of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium to use the tunnel for lowering bodies down the slope of the hill. It was believed that keeping the dead out of sight of the living would beneficially improve the esteem of those who were sick. Motorized cable system that you can see on the left side of the left picture is largely rotted away, but many it is not abandoned completely. It is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the compound. Don't get too jumpy though. Light might play tricks on you. Air ducts that are installed ever hundred feet lets some light and air inside the tunnel so some of the sightings of ghosts were actually an optic illusion.


It was claimed by some local residents that Body Chute was large enough to fit all the patients and staff within its concrete walls. It was also durable enough to withstand aerial bombardment of all types of planes that was used during both World Wars. However these claims seems a bit of exaggeration since the location of the hospital as well as its purpose made it a pointless target.



Waverly Hills Sanatorium Death rate claims


Occasionally some people claim that the number of the patients who died in Waverly Hills Sanatorium reached 60,000 people. However it is not quiet true. This is the number that died in all of state of Kentucky in the same time period. Waverly Hills Hospital have records that indicates that approximately 8,212 patients died from tuberculosis on the grounds of the hospital.



Waverly Hills MorgueWaverly Hills Sanatorium


Waverly Hills SanatoriumMorgue of Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a fairly small room near the entrance to the hospital. It was here that every victim of the deadly disease came before being shipped away. It contains a table for dissection with the groove around it to collect blood and other fluids from autopsy of the dead. Additionally it has a box that could contain three bodies at a time. It is obviously could not hold too many dead so the process was fairly quick.


Many ghost hunters use morgue body box to communicate with the dead who allegedly stayed on the grounds of the former hospital. They climb inside and listen as part of paranormal investigation. Although it is hard to check credibility of these subjective experiences there have been many claims about strange noises, cold breezes and even scratches appear on bodies of those who were brave (or stupid) enough to undertake these spooky experiences.



Room 502 of Waverly Hills Sanatorium


Waverly Hills Sanatorium  Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Infamous Room 502 on the fifth and last floor of Waverly Hills Sanatorium is one of the most famous locations in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium. It is located in a small central tower of the former hospital that is also the highest part of the building. The fifth floor contained two nurses' stations, a linen room, a pantry, room with medicine cabinets and two medium sized rooms that at some point housed mentally ill patients to keep them and others safe. Rumours of mistreatment, sexual and physical abuse appeared when the medical facility was opened and certainly persisted for decades of its existence.


According to local legends supported by documents from the archives head nurse (aged 29) hanged herself in this room. She discovered that she was pregnant. The father of the child who was also one of the doctors in the Waverly Hills Sanatorium refused to care for the child. Some also claim that she also found out that she contracted "the white death" or tuberculosis. Since she didn't want to leave her unborn child be abandoned, she killed herself. Some believe that she used a sprinkler system pipe, but it was installed in 1973, long after the tragedy. So there is no way to tell exactly where she hanged herself.


Another nurse killed herself by leaping from a tower to her death in 1932. Although her motifs are unclear, some of her former co- workers claim that terrible conditions of the Tuberculosis Hospital made her depressed and suicidal. Others however claimed that she was completely fine before her death. Instead they blamed another nurse who allegedly pushed her off the Sanatorium roof. The truth however will never be known.


If you decide to take a trip to the Sanatorium you might see some balls on the floors. These are left for the kids who are believed to inhabit the abandoned hallways of Waverly Hills. It comes from a fact that the roof of the fifth floor also served kids of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium as a playground. Some say shadowy figures of dead children are still visible at night.


Waverly Hills Sanatorium   Waverly Hills Sanatorium







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