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Aspen Mountain

Aspen Mountain








Description of Aspen Mountain

Location: Pitkin County, CO  Map

Elevation: 11,212 ft (3,417 m)


Aspen Mountain is situated in Pitkin County in Colorado, United States. Aspen Mountain is part of the Rocky Mountains Range and reaches an elevation of 11,212 ft (3,417 m). The area around Aspen Mountain has a very small population, with 4 people per square kilometer. The nearest bigger city is Aspen, 1.9 km north of Aspen Mountain. The plants around the Aspen Mountain are almost all of the plants in pine plants. Old silver mines, private houses and other artifacts are still commonly found through out the region.


The climate of the Aspen Mountain is boreal. Temperatures are 0 ° C. The warmest month is in July, at 15 ° C, and the coldest month is in February, at -13 ° C. The average rainfall is 554 millimeters per year.




Destinations in Aspen

John Denver Park. This Aspen park is a pleasant place to take your dog or your kids for a splash in the creek in summertime. The park is named after the famous Country and Folk singer who resided in Aspen. Lyrics from his most popular songs are inscribed in the creekside boulders. John Denver Park is on the creek trail on the north side of Aspen, near the Rio Grande Ball Field and park at N. Mill St. and Rio Grande Pl.
Maroon Bells. A short drive outside of Aspen, the Maroon Bells are one of the most photographed mountain scenes in Colorado. The lake and views of the 14,000 foot peaks are spectacular. In the summer months between 8AM and 5PM, visitors must take a shuttle bus to the Maroon Bells to control traffic. Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for children. There are some short, non-strenuous hikes around the Maroon Bells that vary from 1 mile to 10. People also like to climb the Maroon Bells; however, it is very dangerous and a guide is highly recommended.
Independence Pass. In the summer months, this pass is open to vehicular traffic. The drive takes you up to the Continental Divide, and along the way passes some of the most beautiful scenery in the area and a ghost town that is open to visitors




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