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Paracas National Reserve (Reserve Nacional de Paracas)

Paracas National Reservation








Location: 150 mi (240 km) South of Lima  Map

Open: 7am- 6pm daily

Area: 3350 km²

Museo de Sitio Julio C. Tello

Bahia de Paracas

Open: 9am- 5pm Tue- Sun




Description of Paracas National Reserve

Paracas National Reserve is located 150 mi (240 km) South of Lima in Peru. Paracas National Reserve covers an area of 3350 km² including Paracas Peninsula and seashore along the Pacific Ocean. It was established on September 25 in 1975 to preserve a portion of the sea and desert along with various species of wildlife that lives here. Ecosystem of the marine life is fed by the Peruvian or Humboldt Current and it is considered as one of the most productive area on the Earth allowing many large birds and mammals to inhabit in the area. Paracas National Reserve lies along migration routes of wide variety species of birds.



Paracas Candelabra


Paracas National Reserve in addition to its natural biodiversity is also famous for the ancient art work that was created by the native tribes on a massive scale. Most of these shapes are best visible from sky or from the sea. One of the most famous remains of human presence here is a paracas Candelabra that is located on the North- West side of Paracas Bay. It is also known as Paracas Trident or Tres Cruces.  It is 120 meters high and made of cream- colored rock on a sand background. The Candelabra was created on a site of quick winds that removed any excess sand that might hide the shape on a side of a mountain.







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