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Loropéni is located West of Gaoua in South West Burkina Faso. This archeological site covers an area of 11,130 sq meters.



Location: West of Gaoua    Map

Area: 11,130m2





Description of Loropeni Archaeological Site

Loropéni  Loropéni   

The history of the Loropéni Archaeological Site is somewhat sketchy. Loropeni was constructed before the arrival of the Europeans travellers and traders. It was inhabited by tribes of Lohron or Koulango and probably served as a palace for king Kaan lya of the Kaan people. Legend claims that Kaan lya constructed his citadel to protect his life and life of his subjects. He died shortly thereafter and future kings abandoned Loropeni as their capital. It was settled by the local people as a walled city.


This settlement of Loropéni was surrounded by massive walls for at least 1000 years. It gained it peak power in the 14th- 17th centuries due to gold trade. However the trade eventually ceased and the site was eventually abandoned by the 19th century. The site was added to UNESCO World Heritage List and today it is being uncovered by international archaeological teams.










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