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Azerbaijan Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Azerbaijan

Language: Azerbaijani

Currency: Manat (AZN)

Calling Code: 994





Travel Destinations in Azerbaijan




Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, is famous for newly built modern buildings as well as majestic medieval architecture that defines this beautiful city.

Gobustan Petroglyphs


Gobustan region of 'edge of the ravine' as it is translate is famous for its prehistoric rock art, numerous caves and ancient burials.

Göygöl National Park


Göygöl National Park is a nature reserve in the Goygol Rayon of Azerbaijan. The reserve covers an area of 12,755 hectares (127.55 km2).

Shirvan National Park


Shirvan National Park is a nature reserve that is located in the Salyan Rayon and Neftçala Rayon of Azerbaijan. Nature reserve covers an area of 544 km2.

Zangezur National Park


Zangezur National Park is situated in Ordubad Rayon of Azerbaijan. It covers an area of 12,131 hectares (121.31 km2).









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