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Pantheon (Rome)

Pantheon Rome

Pantheon was originally build by Agrippa in 27 BC as a temple devoted to all deities worshiped by the Romans, it was rebuild by emperor Hadrian (117- 38).



Piazza della Rotunda

Tel. 06-6830 0230

Bus: 116

Open: 8:30am- 7:30pm Mon- Sat

9am- 6pm Sun

Closed: Jan 1, May 1, Dec 25






Roman Pantheon is probably the best preserved single structure from the Roman empire. With 20 feet thick walls at the base this structure supports a large dome with diameter of 142 feet. At highest point its height equals its diameter forming a perfect square. The floor is slanted slightly to the center so that water could easily drain away. Since it has no windows on the side the only opening was made at the highest point of the temple. “Oculus” or “eye” is a thirty feet across and served as the only source of light. The dome over Pantheon influenced design of Saint Peter’s dome in Rome and dome of the Florence cathedral.


Pantheon  Pantheon

Pantheon escaped destruction largely due to the fact that it became a Christian Church. However in the 17th century over active pope Urban VIII (born Maffeo Barberini) started removing bronze nails and plates from the temple to melt them into a baldachin over St. Peter’s altar. Romans hate this so much that a saying appeared: “What barbarians did not do, Barbarini (Ital. for “small barbarian”) has done”. Today Pantheon is a resting place of artist Raphael (died 1520), king and unifier of Italy Victor Emmanuel II (died 1878) and king Umberto I who was assassinated in 1900.










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