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Victims of Dyatlov Pass Incident











Vladimir L. Shunin (Friend of Igor Dyatlov, Zina, Nikolay. He often joined them, but this time he had to skip the trip.)


Who were they - the students of the fifties - sixties? These were the children of war (World War II). Everyone was raised in the hungry post-war childhood. But they didn't worship money. They believed in the ideas of fraternity, equality, freedom and faith in the "bright realm of socialism." Study, and work for the sake of  all people ...

In those days, there were no rich people. All were equally poor. Students earned money where ever they could. Basically they worked loading and unloading of railway wagons. They weren't very well dressed either. Mainly in ski suits ...

But they had lots of  fun. We had great degree of curiosity that helped us study, learn, work, play sports, and travel.

Hiking played particularly important part in our lives. A cult of tourism, risk taking and courage in a face of challenges was influenced by such books as "Dersu Uzala" by Arsenyev, "Ural - the land of gold" and others, which we read as a children. None of these was done for the money. We did it for the romanticism of taiga, mountains and for the good of the motherland ...



Igor Dyatlov (Игорь Дятлов)

Zinaida Kolmogorova (Зинаида Колмогорова)

Lyudmila Dubinina (Людмила Дубинина)

Alexander Kolevatov (Александр Колеватов)

Rustem Slobodin (Рустем Слободин)

Yuri or Georgiy Krivonischenko (Юрий Кривонищенко)

Yuri Doroshenko (Юрий Дорошенко)

Nicolai Thibeaux-Brignolle (Николай Тибо-Бриньоль)

Semen "Alexander" Zolotarev (Семен "Александр" Золотарёв)

Yuri Yudin (Юрий Юдин)









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