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Grebnevo (Гребнево)

Image of Grebnevo

Grebnevo is a former country retreat for several powerful aristocratic families (dvoryanin) including Belsky, Trubetskoy and Bibikov. The lands around Grebnevo were initially given to Bogdan Belsky although most of the buildings date back to 1780s to 1830s. Grebnevo residence was constructed in the time of reign of Catherine the Great and Alexander I they have distinct Neoclassical style.

In the late 19th century changing socio- economic situation allowed common citizens to make money and compete with the aristocratic families in wealth. A merchant bought the estate and added several small factories on its grounds. In 1913 Grebnevo changed hands again. This time Fyodor Grinevsky, renowned Moscow physician, opened a sanatorium here.

Grebnevo became a museum in 1960. Due to several fires and general disrepair in the last quarter of the century much of the structures are in a poor condition. Lack of intensive repairs makes it a perfect destination for urban exploration.






 Image of Grebnevo  Image of Grebnevo

Main House built in 1790s. Pictures are from the time then the estate became sanatorium.


Image of Grebnevo  Image of Grebnevo



Image of Grebnevo  Image of Grebnevo

Doric entrance (1821) a monument to owner's modesty is designed after Roman triumph arches.


Image of Grebnevo  Image of Grebnevo

A hole in the former fireplace. A common place for storage of owner's treasure this did not disappoint.

    Image of Grebnevo  Image of Grebnevo

Church of Theotokos of Grebnevo                                                                 










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