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Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg



Location:  Saint Petersburg Russia






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Description of Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is second largest city in Russia and arguably most beautiful. It is often referred as "Palmyra of the North" or "The Venice of the North" as a reference to number of channels and islands that form the old historic portion of the city. Saint Petersburg was constructed by the orders of Peter the Great in the early 18th century. In the duration of the Great Northern War Russian forces managed to defeat the Swedish empire conquering lands that opened the Russian Empire its only passage to the Baltic Sea. Emperor Peter I opened his famous "Window to Europe" and to solidify his conquest he decided to construct a new city and move his capital here from Moscow. The city was named after holy patron of the emperor, Saint Peter. "Burg" is a German for city. Peter was a big fan of the West and Germany in particular. Saint Petersburg was found on 16th (27th) May in 1703. It served as a capital of the Russian Empire until the historic evens of the early 20th century didn't change that. At the outbrake of the World War I the German sounding name of Saint Petersburg was briefly changed to more patriotic Petrograd (Peter's city in Russian). Great October Revolution of 1917 brought an end to Russian Empire and Romanoff family that ruled it for over 300 hundred years. Subsequent Civil War forced Bolsheviks to move their capital to historic capital of Moscow. The Soviets renamed the city Leningrad after the head of revolution Lenin, but after collapse of the Soviet Union the city was renamed to its original Saint Petersburg. Despite turmoil and conflicts (both internal and external) the Cultural Capital of Russia plays an important part in the Russian literature, music and culture.



Palace Embankment (Saint Petersburg)


Saint Petersburg Hermitage (Winter Palace) and Palace Square




Bronze Horseman & Decembrists’ Square


Marble Palace

Summer Garden

Summer Palace

Field of Mars

Bus: 2

Tram: 46

St. Isaac’s Cathedral

Horseguards' Manege

House of Faberge

Astoria Hotel

Angleterre Hotel

Literary Cafe

Palace of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich




Gostinyy Dvor (Saint Petersburg)


Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Kazan Cathedral


Anichkov Palace

Mikhaylovskiy Castle

State Russian Museum

Alexandriinskiy Theatre

Subway: Gostinyy Dvor

Theatre Museum

Tel. 571 2195

Open: 11am- 6pm Thu- Mon, 1- 7pm Wed

Closed: last Friday each month, public holidays


Lutheran Church

Nevskiy Prospekt 22- 24

Subway: Nevskiy Prospekt


Academic Capella

Moyka river embankment 20

Tel. 314 1058

Subway: Nevskiy Prospekt


Imperial Stables

Konyushennaya Square 1

Open: 10am- 7pm daily


Armenian Church

Nevskiy Prospekt 40-42

Tel. 318 4108

Subway: Gostinyy Dvor

Open: 9am- 9pm


Gostinyy Dvor

Nevskiy Prospekt 35

Tel. 710 5408

Subway: Gostinyy Dvor

Open: 10am- 10pm daily

Open: 10am- 6pm Wed- Sun, 10am- 5pm Mon

Pushkin House Museum

Vorontsov Palace

Stroganov Palace

Anichkov Bridge

Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace


Nikolaevsky Palace


4, Ploshchad Truda

Subway: Gostiny Dvor/Nevsky Prospekt

Closed to the Public


Russian Ethnography Museum


4/1, Inzhenernaya Ulitsa, 191011

Subway: Nevsky Prospekt or Gostiny Dvor

Tel. +7 (812) 219-1710

Open: Tue- Sun 11am- 6pm

Closed: Monday


Mariinsky Palace


6, Isaskievskaya Ploshchad

Subway: Gostiny Dvor/Nevsky Prospekt

Closed to Public


Grand Hotel Europe

Mikhaylovskaya ulitsa 1/7

Tel. 329 6000

Subway: Nevskiy Prospekt, Gostinyy Dvor




Sennaya Ploshchad (Saint Petersburg)


Trinity Cathedral


New Holland Island


Railway Museum

Sadovaya ulitsa 50

Tel. 315 1476

Subway: Sennaya Ploschchad, Sadovaya

Open: 11am- 5pm Sun- Thu


Main Post Office

Pochtamtskaya ulitsa 9

Tel. 312 8302

Bus: 3, 22

Trolley: 5, 22

St. Nicholas’ Cathedral


Yusupov Palace


Mariinsky Theater

Teatralnaya Ploshchad 1
Tel. 326- 4141
714- 1211
Bus: 3, 22, 27


Rimsky- Korsakov Conservatory

Teatralnaya Square 3

Tel. 312 2519

Bus: 3, 22, 27

Trolley: 5, 22


Vasilevskiy Island (Saint Petersburg)




Naval Museum

Menshikov’s Palace


Saint Andrew's Cathedral (Андреевский Собор)

6-ya liniya (street) 11

Tel. 323 3418

Bus: 7, 128, K129

Trolley: 10


Lieutenant Shmidt Bridge

Bus: K-62, K-124, K-144, K-154, K-186, K-222, K-350

Trolley: 1, 11


Rostral Columns

Zoological Museum

Twelve Colleges


Academy of Arts (Академия Художеств)

Universitetskaya naberezhnaya 17

Tel. 323 3578

Bus: 7, 47, K129, K147

Trolley: 10

Open: 11am- 6pm Wed- Sun




Petrogradskaya (Saint Petersburg)


Zayachy Island (Hare Island) and Petrogradskaya


Petrogradskaya side of Saint Petersburg gets its name from a brief period when German sounding Saint Petersburg (City of Peter) was changed to Russian sounding Petrograd. It occurred during years of World War I when Russian Empire began to change many historical German names. Saint Petersburg didn't escape its fate. Hence most of buildings on this side date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Saint Peter and Paul Fortress that stands on Zayachy Island dates back to the early 18th century. It was one of the first parts of Saint Petersburg that were constructed by city founder Emperor Peter the Great.


Zayachy Island (Hare Island) is located at the widest point of the Neva River. Its strategic position allowed massive land cannons to hit all incoming ships, while remaining at a significant distance for the naval guns to do a significant damage to the fortress. Zayachy Island is measured at 750 meters by 400 meters. Its name comes from a Finnish tribes that called Zayachy Island Ennissaari ("Yenisei"- a hare, "Saari"- island). Later Swedes that expanded into these lands called it Lyustgolm (Happy Island), Lust Eiland (Funland) and Toyfelsgolm (Devil's Island). After Saint Peter and Paul fortress was constructed, it was called simply Krepostonoy Island (Fortress Island).  Only in the 19th century it was renamed to Zayachy Island as a reference to the original Finnish name. Nowadays one of the pillars of Saint John bridge that lead to Saint Peter and Paul Fortress has a small figure "Bunny, escaping from the flood" in height of 58 cm.


Saint Peter and Paul Fortress


Cathedral of SS Peter and Paul



Saint Peter's Gate

Petropavlovskaya Krepost

Subway: Gorkovskaya

Bus: 46, K-46, K-63, K-73


Engineer's house

Petropavlovskaya Krepost

Tel. 232 9454, 230 0329

Subway: Gorkovskaya

Open: 11am- 5pm Thu- Mon, 11am- 4pm Tue


Neva Gate

Petropavlovskaya Krepost

Subway: Gorkovskaya


Peter the Great’s Cottage


Artillery Museum


Kirov Museum

Kamennoostrovskiy prospekt 26- 28, 4th floor

Tel. 346 0217, 346 0289

Subway: Petrogradskaya

Open: 11am- 6pm Thu- Tue

Commandant's House

Petropavlovskaya Krepost

Tel. 232 9454

Subway: Gorkovskaya

Open: 10am- 6pm Thu- Mon, 11am- 4pm Tue


Trubetskoy Bastion

Petropavlovskaya Krepost

Tel. 232 9454

Subway: Gorkovskaya

Open: 10am- 6pm Thu- Mon, 11am- 5pm Tue


Engineer's House

Petropavlovskaya krepost

Tel. 322 9454, 230 0329

Subway: Gorkovskaya

Tel. 11am- 5pm Thu- Mon, 11am- 4pm Tue




Alexandrovskiy Park

Kronverkskiy prospekt

Subway: Gorkovskaya


Kshesinskaya Manstion

Ulitsa Kuybysheva 4

Tel. 233 7052

Subway: Gorkovskaya

Open: 10am- 6pm Fri- Wed


Krestovsky Island (Saint Petersburg)


Kamennoostrovsky Palace


1, Naberezhnaya Reki Maloy Nevki

Subway: Chernaya Rechka

Closed to the public


Saint Petersburg Suburbs (Saint Petersburg)


Yelagin Palace


Dostoevsky Memorial Museum


Smolniy Monastery


Ploshad Rastrelli 3/1

Tel. 577 142

Bus: 46, 136, K0 76

Open: 10am- 5pm Tue- Thu


Smolnyy Institute

Ploshchad Proletarskoy Diktatury

Tel. 276 1746, 576 7461

Bus: 22, 46, 136 K-15, K-129, K-136, K-147

Trolley: 5, 7, 15, 16, 49

Smolnyy Museum

Open: 11am- 4pm Mon- Fri


Chesme Church


Finland Station


Piskarevskoe Memorial Cemetery

Prospekt Nepokorennykh 74

Tel. 247 5716

Subway: Akademicheskaya

Bus: 123, 178

Open: daily


Stieglitz Museum

Solyanoy Pereulok 13

Tel. 273 3258

Bus: 46

Trolley: 90

Open: 11am- 4:30pm Tue- Sat, Aug- May

Sheremetev Palace


Tavrichesky Palace (Tauride Palace)


Alexander Nevsky Lavra (Monastery)


Alexander Nevsky Lavra Cemetery


Chesmenskiy Palace


Dostoevsky House- Museum

Kuznechnyy pereulok 5/2

Tel. 571 4031

Subway: Vladimirskaya

Trolley: 3, 8, 15

Open: 11am- 6pm Tue- Sun


Victory Monument

Ploshchad Pobedy

Tel. 293 6563

Subway: Moskovskaya

Memorial Hall

Open: 10am- 6pm Thu, Sat- Mon

10am- 5pm Tue and Fri

Closed: last Tuesday of each month



Cathedral of the Transfiguration

Preobrazhenskaya ploshchad 1

Tel 272 3663

Subway: Chernyshevskaya

Bus: 46, K-15, K-76

Trolley: 3, 8, 15

Open: 8am- 8pm daily





Hotels, motels and where to sleep


Restaurant, taverns and where to eat


Cultural (and not so cultural) events


Interesting information and useful tips




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