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Iwokrama Forest

Iwokrama Forest

Iwokrama Forest is a massive area in Potaro- Siparuni region in Guyana.



Location: Potaro- Siparuni

Area: 1 million acres

Elevation: 0- 3,281 ft (0- 1,000 m) 




Description of Iwokrama Forest

Iwokrama Forest  Iwokrama Forest

Iwokrama Forest covers a total area of 1 million acres of pristine forest that range in elevation that range from 0 to 3,281 ft (0- 1,000 m) above sea level. It is famous for its rich biodiversity with over 500 species of birds, 420 species of fish, 90 species of bats and many other animals and plants. These mountains are dotted with small settlements of Macushi indigenous tribe.

Iwokrama Forest  Iwokrama Forest  Iwokrama Forest

Iwokrama Forest

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