The Republic of Palau is an island nation associated with the United States in the Philippine Sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean, located 800 km east of the Philippines and north of Indonesia.

Consists of 328 islands with a total area of ​​458 km², refers to Micronesia.

According to the 2005 census, the country's population was about 19,990 people (in 2008 - 20.9 thousand, the estimate for July 2014 is 21,186, 2015 - 21,271).

The main religion is Christianity (Catholics and Protestants). About 8.7% of the population profess local beliefs, a syncretic cult of modeling.

The capital of the country is Ngerulmud (state of Melekeok). There is an international airport.

The country consists of 16 states.

The head of the executive branch is the president, the legislature is the bicameral national legislative assembly (Senate and House of Delegates).

The average temperature on the islands is + 24 ... 28 ° C.

The name of the islands in the Palauian language probably comes from the word beluu ("village"), or from aibebelau ("indirect answers"), referring to the creation myth. In English, the name "Palau" came from Spanish Spanish. Los Palaos through German German. Palau. The archaic name for the islands in English was “Pelju Islands”. “Palau” should not be confused with “Pulau” - a word from the Malay language meaning “island”, found in several geographical names in the region.


Palau is an archipelago consisting of many (over 250) islands. The climate is tropical, the rainy season is from May to November.

In coastal waters, 1,500 species of tropical fish live, many rare mammals. Also, according to environmentalists, offshore Palau live 130 species of sharks from among those that are facing extinction. In 1995, the International Committee of Marine Biologists and Conservationists declared Palau an underwater wonder of the world. In the tropical gardens and forests of Palau, orchids and many exotic flowers grow, as well as about 50 species of birds. On the island there is Jellyfish Lake, in which millions of jellyfish live, who do not know how to sting.