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Ermak Travel Guide is an informational guide to the World destinations. We believe that it is important to plan your trip. Here we compiled information about different locations, their history and basic knowledge about culture, legends, stories, traditions, superstitions, foods, music and everything that might be interesting and useful. We provide you with more than just facts and logistics. It is our goal to bring you the World in its full color and complexity.

We will accept any contribution to the articles. Feel free to tell us your opinion, share your travel experience and suggest any addition to a site. Our email is



We briefly broke our articles into several important and interesting topics that are always interesting for tourists when visiting a tourist attraction.


Description of Tourist Attractions

Become a patron of your city. Describe your city and its attractions. It will also be interesting if you include a description of urban legends, local traditions and general tips for tourists. Photo and video. We ask you to send us photos, and even better videos of these or other sights. Today, many have smartphones. Do not be lazy to send us a video file or a link to your video.


Culture: movies, music, painting.

Some tourist attractions play an active role in the cinema (Moscow, New York, Paris), becoming part of the narrative, the other passive. Most of us do not remember Wadi Rum, Jordan, or, for example, Petra (also in Jordan). But we all saw Wadi Rum if we watched a film about Mars, because for us Wadi Rum is the Martian surface, and Petra is a scene from Indiana Jones: In Search of the Lost Ark.

Music also plays an important role in our perception of cities or regions. Frank Sinatra managed to sing two unofficial hymns of both Chicago (My kind of town) and New York (New York, New York). Muslim Magomayev glorified Moscow in his "The Best City of the Earth". But there are situations and more difficult. So in the south of the United States, the official anthem of the Confederation is "Dixieland" may meet with some misunderstanding, but "Sweet home Alabama" is acceptable.



How to get there, and in the case of large cities, how not to get lost in a big city.


Where to eat

You can leave a restaurant description with contact information. You only need to send a letter with a description, and also indicate if your hotel or restaurant is cheap, average cost or expensive. It is also interesting to describe the gastronomic preferences in a particular city or district.


Hotels, hostels, motels and other

Here we list hotels, hotels or hostels. You can send a description of the hotels and their strengths as well as their weaknesses.


Cultural (and not so Cultural) events

List and contact information of festivals, holidays and other.


Interesting and useful information

Mass media
You can post news or non-commercial ads at the bottom of each article.