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Asia is the largest continent in the world, which makes it a land of great geographical contrasts, finding arid areas and large jungles, valleys and depressions just kilometers away from the Himalayas, the most imposing mountain range on the planet. Between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, the land is disarmed and gives rise to thousands of islands, each home to a unique ecosystem.

More than half of the planet's population lives on this continent. A variety of cultures, religions and languages ​​coexist in their lands - in some cases friendly and in others not so much. Asia stands out for the great cultural diversity of the Indian subcontinent, the traditional dances of Southeast Asia , the great ancient constructions of China and the arts of ancient Japan . The steppes of Central Asia still keep different secrets of their ancestral cultures waiting for new travelers, while the distant SiberiaIt has become a destination for the most curious adventurers and goes from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean. This space is among the largest in the world, but also among the least populated.


Мiddle East
Saudi Arabia · Bahrain · Qatar · United Arab Emirates · Iran · Iraq · Israel · Jordan · Kuwait · Lebanon · Oman · Palestine · Syria · Yemen
Land of spirituality and conflict, the Middle East is the cradle of human civilization and the origin of the three main monotheistic religions of the world. In the Holy Land you can visit the holy places of Jerusalem and jump quickly to the effervescence of Tel Aviv . Syria and Jordan maintain impressive ruins like Palmyra or Petra , while Iraq tries to resurface where before was Babylon . The Arabian Peninsula, meanwhile, faces the duality of the religiosity of Mecca and the excessive luxury of Dubai .

Central Asia
Afghanistan · Kazakhstan · Kyrgyzstan · Uzbekistan · Tajikistan · Turkmenistan
The meadows and steppes of Central Asia have been home to various nomadic tribes throughout history, taking advantage of their strategic location between Europe and Asia. From the plains of the Caspian Sea to the high mountains of the east, thousands of caravans traveled the Silk Road, crossing beautiful cities like Samarkand and wonderful places like those of the Fergana Valley . While Afghanistan tries to stabilize after decades of civil war, the rest of the countries try to develop after the end of the Soviet domination.

Far East
China ( Hong Kong , Macao , Taiwan ) · North · Korea South Korea · Japan · Mongolia
One fifth of the world population so it is not surprising that this region presents as much variety as the human being can have. From the vast rice fields of southern China, the steppes of Sinkiang and Mongolia or the high plateaus of Tibet , one can travel to the ultramodernity of global shopping centers such as Shanghai , Hong Kong or Tokyo . Cities such as Beijing and Kyoto still maintain the monumental essence of the region's ancient great empires, while Macao delights with its ruins of Portuguese origin and its exotic casinos. The secrecy of North Korea, meanwhile, presents a challenge for many adventurers.

Indian Subcontinent
India · Pakistan · Sri Lanka · Nepal · Bhutan · Bangladesh · Maldives
A mixture of various religions and traditions, chaotic and crowded cities, peaks that rise to the infinite and impenetrable jungles characterize this piece of land between the Himalayas and the Indian Ocean. Going into cities such as Calcutta , Mumbai , Karachi or Daca are a challenge for any tourist who wants to really know this region, beyond the classic attractions such as the Taj Majal . In the north, Mount Everest stands as protector of the valleys of Nepal , while the remote Bhutan captivates with its Buddhist traditions. Finally, an escape to the wonderful beaches of theMaldives can be the perfect close of an incomparable tour of South Asia.

Southeast Asian
Burma · Thailand · Cambodia · Laos · Vietnam · Philippines · Malaysia · Brunei · Indonesia · East Timor · Singapore
Thanks to its extensive jungles, beautiful beaches and scattered archipelagos, Southeast Asia has experienced a tourist boom in recent decades. Thousands of backpackers have ventured to see ruins such as Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the wonderful mountains of Laos or the canals of Hoi An in Vietnam. Thailand stands out for the cultural wonders that congregate in its capital, Bangkok , as well as spectacular beaches on islands such as Phuket and Phi Phi . While the skyscrapers of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur continue to illuminate the night, Bali delights its tourists with its perfect blend of culture, adventure and unforgettable landscapes.


Top Destinations in Asia

Nan Madol (Micronesia)

Nan MadolNan Madol is a massive archaeological site on the Eastern coast of a Pohnpei island in the Federal States of Micronesia in Madolenihmw district. Today Nan Madol archaeological park covers a total area of over 80 acres of water and islands.


Tash Rabat

Tash Rabat is a mysterious building situated in the At Bashy district, Naryn Province of Kyrgyzstan. Some claims indicate that it was a Christian monastery that was found by some sect that was banished from the Roman Empire.



Petra or Rekem as is it was known to the ancients is a former capital of the Nabateaeans who rules these lands in the third century BC. It became famous after appearance of Treasury in the movie "Indiana Jones and the last Crusade".

Jerusalem (Israel)

Jerusalem is probably the most important city in Western Civilization. It is considered sacred by Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The control over Jerusalem is still a subject of disputes yet it is safe to visit and thousands of tourists visit it annually.


Mecca (Saudi Arabia)

Mecca or Makkah situated in Makkah province of Saudi Arabia. It is the holiest and sacred city for the Muslims. In fact pilgrimage here or hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam.



Ephesus is one of the most magnificent and important sites in the Hellenistic World famous for beautiful buildings, majestic statues and a house where Saint Mary, mother of Jesus Christ, lived along with disciples of her son.