Thailand Destinations Travel Guide

Flag of Thailand

 Language: Thai

Currency: Baht (THB)

Calling Code: +66


Thailand, officially the Kingdom of Thailand, is one of the forty-nine countries that make up the Asian continent. Its capital and most populated city is Bangkok, center of political, commercial, and industrial activity. It is located east of the Southeast Asian subregion, bounded on the east by Laos (much of this border forms the Mekong River), on the southeast by Cambodia and the Gulf of Thailand, on the south by Malaysia and on the west by the Andaman Sea and Burma. It has an area of ​​513 120 km² and 65,500,000 inhabitants in 2011 (the 20th most populated country in the world), which means a population density of about 128 inhabitants / km².

The country was previously known as Siam.This name was changed for the first time in 1939 by Prathet Thai (ประเทศไทย) and again in 1949 (having been reverted during World War II) .Prathet means 'country' and the word thai ( ไทย) means 'free' or 'freedom' in the Thai language, which is also the name of the majority ethnic group in Thailand (an ethnic group that found freedom more than two millennia ago, when they arrived in this region fleeing from the Chinese) . This makes Prathet Thai can be translated as 'Country of Free People'. When translated into English, Prathet Thai became Thailand ('Land of the Thai'), and then 'Thailand' in Spanish.

About 75% of the ethnic population is Thai, 14% is of Chinese origin, and 3% is of Malay origin, the rest belongs to minority groups including the Mons, Khmer and several tribes of the Hills. The official language of the country is Thai. The main religion is Buddhism, practiced by 95% of its population.

Thailand experienced rapid economic growth between 1985 and 1996. Today it is a newly industrialized country and a large exporter. Tourism also contributes significantly to the national economy.In Thailand there are 2.2 million immigrants, this land also attracts expatriates from developing countries.


Travel Destination in Thailand


Bang Pa- in

Bang Pa- in Royal Palace or a Summer Palace is located in Phra Nakhon Si, Ayutthaya Province of Thailand. It is a former residence of Thai kings.

Pha Daeng National Park

Pha Daeng National Park or Chiang Dao National Park as it is formerly known is located in Chiang Mai Province in Thailand.

Doi Inthanon

Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in Thailand situated in Chiang Mai Province. Doi Inthanon reaches an elevation of 2565 meters.

Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep is a religious complex in Chiang Mai province in Thailand.

Erawan National Park

Erawan National Park is a nature reserve after a mythical three headed elephant from Hindu religion. It is found in Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand.


Kanchanaburi is an infamous railroad that was built by Allied prisoners of war duting World War II.

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park is a nature reserve protecting beatiful beaches, picturesque mountains and splendid caves.

Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai Forests is a nature reserve in Nakhon Ratchasima Province in Thailand.

Mae Surin National Park

Namtok Mae Surin National Park is located 8 km (5 mi) North of Mae Hong Son, Mae Hong Son Province in Thailand.

Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park

Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park is a beautiful archipelago of 42 islands that cover and are of roughly 102 km2 in Surat Thani province of Thailand.

Phimai Historical Park

Ruins of Phimai Historical Park are found in Centre of Phimai Town, Khorat province.

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park

Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park is located in Phitsanulok and Phetchabun provinces of Thailand.

Phu Kradueng National Park

Phu Kradueng National Park is a nature reserve in Loei Province in Thailand.

Mueang Sing Historical Park

Mueang Sing Historical Park is an ancient city 43 km (27 mi) West of Kanchanaburi, Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand. It was constructed in 857- 1157 AD.

Sai Yok National Park

Sai Yok National Park is located in Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand.

Sukhothai Historic Park

Sukhothai Historic Park is situated 13 km (8 mi) West of New Sukhothai, Sukhothai Province in Thailand. This park covers an area of 213.2 km².

Thung Salaeng Luang National Park
Thung Salaeng Luang National Park is located in Phitsanulok and Phetchabun provinces in Thailand.