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Thung Salaeng Luang National Park


Thung Salaeng Luang National Park is situated in Phitsanulok and Phetchabun Provinces of Thailand. The natural park covers an area of 1262 km² on limestone hills that range from 300 to 1028 meters above sea level.




Location: Phitsanulok and Phetchabun Provinces

Area: 1262 km²




Description of Thung Salaeng Luang National Park


Most of Thung Salaeng Luang National Park is covered by deciduous and mixed deciduous forests. Tropical evergreens and meadows are also fairly common in the region. The idea of establishing a park here was first proposed in the 1950's, however from the late 50's to early 70's this area was inhabited by guerrillas of the Communist Party of Thailand. So Thung Salaeng Luang National Park became a nature reserve on in 1972 once government troops re took control of the region. River Wang Thing flows through Thung Salaeng Luang National Park. One of the most beautiful waterfalls is that of Kaeng Song also known as Namtok Kaeng Sopha falls. It is the largest in the province of Phitsanulok and local simply refer to it as "Niagara" as a reference to American- Canadian famous travel destination. The best time to visit the area of Thung Salaeng Luang National Park is from November to December. The whole forest is blooming with flowers. The whole jungle come alive with over 160 species of birds flocking to these lands. Additionally there are Asian elephants, palm civet, yellow pine marten and many other animals that call this park their home.










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