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Phimai Historical Park


Phimai Historical Park is a a magnificent Khmer temple situated in the centre of Phimai Town, Khorat province in Thailand. It has roughly a rectangular shape with dimensions 1020 meters in length and 580 meters in width. Most of the structures in this site were constructed in the 11th and 12th century AD.




Location: Centre of Phimai Town, Khorat province

Tel. 0-4447-1568

Info: TAT, Khorat

Tel. 0-4421-3666

Open: 6am- 6pm daily





History of Phimai Historical Park


Phimai is an ancient settlement that lies on the road to nearby Angkor Wat in modern day Cambodia and in the ancient times thousands of pilgrims made their stop on the way to there. In Khmer language name Phimai is translated as a "big city". And once you will get there you will that it disserves this name. It was established in the 2nd century AD after capture of Khmer Thai state Dvaravati. The whole site has a shape of a rectangular with defensive walls and water filled moat around its perimeter. Dimensions of the central sanctuary is 565 meters in width and 1030 meters in length. It should be that noted that the central temple complex of Phimai was established as a school of Mahayana Buddhist sanctuary. Most other temples in the Khmer region belonged to Hindu religion. This one is a rare exception of religious tolerance.


In the period from 1964 to 1969 the historic city of restoration work was carried out in cooperation with the Embassy of France led by joint leadership of Yaychay Chitrabongse and Bernard Philippe Groslier. Thanks to their work we can see Phimai Historical Park in all of its beauty with magnificent temples and stucco paintings of Buddha's life as well as scenes from the Ramayana.








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