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Flag of Bangladesh

Language: Bengali

Currency: Taka (BDT)

Calling Code: 880



Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia. Its territory is surrounded almost entirely by India, except for a small strip to the southeast where it borders Burma. Geographically, the country is located in the fertile land of the Ganges delta, which is subject to annual floods caused by monsoons and cyclones. Together with the Indian province of West Bengal, it constitutes the ethno-linguistic region of Bengal. In fact, in Bengali, the name "Bangladesh" means "country of Bengal".

Its current borders were established with the second partition of Bengal in 1947, when the region became the eastern part of newly formed Pakistan. However, it was separated from the western part by 1,600 km of Indian territory. In 1971, political and linguistic discrimination, as well as economic abandonment, brought with it a series of conflicts with Pakistan, which led to the war of independence and the establishment of Bangladesh as an autonomous nation. After independence, the new state suffered from famines, natural disasters and widespread poverty, as well as political turmoil and military coups. The restoration of democracy in 1991 was followed by relative calm and slow economic progress.


Travel Destination in Bangladesh


Bhawal National Park

Bhawal National Park is situated 40km north of Dhaka city near Gazipur in the Dhaka Division of Bangladesh. Natural reserve covers an area of  5022 hectares.

Kantajew Temple

Kantajew Temple at Kantanagar is a magnificent Hindu temple in Dinajpur District, Rangpur Division of Bangladesh. It was erected between 1702- 52 under orders of Maharaja Pran Nath.