Kantajew Temple

 Kantajew Temple or Kantanagar Temple

Location: Dinajpur District, Rangpur Division Map

Constructed: 1702- 52


Description of Kantajew Temple

Kantajew Temple at Kantanagar is a magnificent Hindu temple in Dinajpur District, Rangpur Division of Bangladesh. Kantajew Temple was erected between 1702- 52 under orders of Maharaja Pran Nath. It is the most significant example of Terracotta architecture in Bangladesh. Initially Kantajew Temple had nine domes and nine spirals, hence giving its style navaratna (nine- spired) Unfortunately most of them were destroyed by an earthquake that hid this region of Bangladesh in 1897. You can get to Kantajew Temple by taking a bus from Dinajpur town. Ask for "Kantajew Mondir" as a direction and they will get you to Kantajew Temple.