Federated States of Micronesia

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Language: English (local languages)

Currency: United States dollar

Calling code: 691


The Federated States of Micronesia is an island country, one of the four that make up Micronesia and one of the fourteen that make up Oceania. Its capital is Palikir. Located in the center of Micronesia, it borders the southeast with Indonesia, the south with Papua New Guinea, the southwest with Nauru and Kiribati, the north with the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam, the northeast with the Marshall Islands, and the east with Palau, with who forms the archipelago of the Caroline Islands. Its form of government is the democratic federal republic. Administratively, it is made up of four states - from west to east: Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae - scattered along the Pacific Ocean. Likewise, the states comprise around 607 islands that cover a longitudinal distance of 2,700 kilometers, north of the terrestrial equator.

The country has a land area of ​​702 square kilometers; however, its exclusive economic zone extends for more than 2 600 000 square kilometers, which is similar in size to the territory of Kazakhstan and limits: to the southwest, with the island of Nueva Guinea; to the north with the Mariana Islands; to the east, with Nauru and the Marshall Islands and to the west with Palau and the Philippines. They are located about 2900 kilometers north of Australia and about 4,000 kilometers west of Hawaii. Each of its four states is located around one or more main islands, and all but Kosrae include numerous atolls. The country is generally known by the term "Micronesia", although it can refer to both the independent State and the geographical region.


The first European explorers who arrived to the islands of Micronesia were Portuguese, although Spanish navigators explored them widely, baptizing them with the name of "Carolinas", in honor of king Carlos II of Spain. The Spanish Empire was the first to exercise effective sovereignty over the archipelago, from the Captaincy General of the Philippines. With the end of the Spanish-American War, Spain sold the islands to the German Empire and during the First World War were occupied by the Empire of Japan. After the Second World War, the territory was constituted in the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, a United Nations trust granted to the United States of America. On May 10, 1979, the trust adopted a constitution, achieving independence on December 22, 1990, after the signing of a Free Association Agreement with the USA .


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Nan Madol

Medieval ruins of Nan Madol are constructed on a series of islands similar to Italian Venice.