Tokelau - territory under the control of New Zealand (dependent territory). Tokelau includes three small islands located in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Samoa. The dependent territory of Tokelau is part of the Kingdom of New Zealand. According to the results of the referenda of 2006 and 2007, Tokelau did not become a self-governing state associated with New Zealand.

The name "Tokelau" in translation from Polynesian means "north wind." Until 1916, the territory was known to Europeans as Union Islands (“United Islands”). After the entry into force of the “Act on Tokelau” on January 1, 1949, the former name became obsolete.

Tokelau Islands consist of three atolls - Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo. Geographically, Tokelau also includes the Swaynes Atoll, which is administratively part of American (Eastern) Samoa. Atolls consist of large ring-shaped underwater reefs, over which many small coral islands rise. The islands rise above sea level only 3-4 meters.

The surface of the islands is composed of fragments of coral and coral sand. On poor limestone soils, only pandanus, coconut palms and shrubs grow.

The climate of Tokelau is constantly hot, trade wind, and humid. Hurricanes are common in December and March.

The territory of Tokelau is located in a time zone called UTC + 12. Tokelau does not switch to summer time. The authorities of Tokelau in 2011 decided to cancel the day on December 30, 2011 (from the 29th they immediately went to December 31) and, thus, change the time zone of UTC-10 to UTC + 12 (for a single New Zealand time) from December 31, 2011 .