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Pyramid of Djoser

Pyramid of Djoser

Step of Pyramid of Djoser is situated Northwest of Memphis in the center of Saqqara necropolis.



Location: Northwest of Mephis Map

Constructed: 2667–2648 BC during 5th dynasty by vizier (adviser) of Djoser- Imhotep

Height: 62 metres (203 ft)


Pyramid of Djoser




Description of Pyramid of Djoser

Pyramid of Djoser  Pyramid of Djoser

Architect of Pyramid of Djoser Imhotep designed the pyramid in the 27th century. He was later added to a pantheon of Egyptian gods. As as a source of his design Imhotep used a common mastaba, a giant slab that was put on top of the burial of important people of the country. He simply added more mastabas, one on top of the other to create this step like appearance. Despite its size it did not protect the riches of pharaoh Djoser who ordered its construction. Besides the pyramid the site contains many temples, tombs and other buildings that were later erected here. On the north side of a pyramid archaeologists discovered a cellar serdhab with a statue of pharaoh Djoser himself. You still can see it's copy through a narrow hole seated on his throne in royal robes. The original is kept in the Egyptian Museum. To the East of the pyramid you can find 11 wells that lead to a tunnel where the wives and children of the Pharaoh are buried.








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