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Haghpat Monastery (Հաղպատավանք)

Haghpat Monastery

Haghpat Monastery MapHaghpat Monastery located in Haghpat, Lori Province of Armenia was found in 10th century by Saint Nishan (Sourb Nshan). Along with nearby Sanahin monastery, Haghpat Monastery is added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.




Location: Haghpat, Lori Province  Map

Found: 10th century by Saint Nishan (Sourb Nshan)





Description of Haghpat Monastery


Haghpat Monastery  Haghpat Monastery  Amernian service in Haghpat Monastery  Armenian service in Haghpat Monastery

Haghpat Monastery  Haghpat Monastery  Haghpat Monastery  Haghpat Monastery  Haghpat Monastery

The largest church of Haghpat abbey is a Cathedral of Saint Nishan that was constructed between 967- 991 AD thanks to donations of Armenian Prince Khutulukhaga. A small domed Church of Saint Gregory (Sourb Grigor) the Illuminator is situated near by. Additionally the Haghpat Monastery contains hall (gavit) of Amazasp (1257), refectory (mid- XIII century), crypt of Ukanyants with a chapel and many more structures. Like many medieval Christian monasteries Haghpat monastery became a center of education and studies. Monks studied medicine, history, literature and created beautiful frescoes. Haghpat monastery was badly damaged by constant invaders from the south, however with Armenian annexation by the Russian Empire these attacks largely stopped.


Haghpat monastery quickly grew in size until the beginning of the 20th century when Russian Revolution of 1917 reached here. As it happened across former USSR atheists closed all monasteries and churches. Monks and nuns either ran away or were executed. Haghpat Monastery was no exception to this horrible fate. After the collapse of Soviet Union and fall of Communism this Christian monastery was returned to its rightful owners, Armenian Apostolic Church. Today it is again an active monastery. Be aware that you shouldn't enter the altar of the church without permission.


Haghpat Monastery Haghpat Monastery
Bell Tower of Haghpat Monastery constructed in 1245
Haghpat Monastery Location
Layout of Haghpat Monastery












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