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Sanahin Monastery (Սանահին վանք)

Sanahin Monastery

Sanahin Monastery is situated in Sanahin, Lori province of Armenia. Due to its artistic value and complexity of architectural layout Sanahin Monastery was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage List.



Location: Sanahin, Lori Province      Map

Found: 10th century





History of Sanahin Monastery

Sanahin Monastery  Sanahin Monastery  Sanahin Monastery  Sanahin Monastery  Sanahin Monastery

Sanahin Monastery LocationSanahin Monastery was constructed in the 10th century on the slopes of Mount Tchantinler. It was built on site of much older Christian church that dates to the 4th century AD, about the time when Armenia officially accepted Christianity as their state religion. According to local legends the original church of Sanahin Monastery was found by Saint Gregory the Illuminator (famous Armenian missionary) himself. Monastery complex served an important role in education of Armenian elites since its original foundation. Later it was transformed into the Academy of Grigor Magistros Pahlavuni, whose course focused mainly on the humanities stadies.


Sanahin Monastery religious complex of the Armenian Apostolic Church takes its name from a village Sanahin situated below at the bottom of the valley. The monastery is made of several buildings including main church of Saint Amenaprkitch (Holy Redeemer), small chapel of Saint Astvatsatsin, round chapel of Saint Gregory, library, academy and a bell tower. Sanahin Monastery also contained a church of Saint James from a 10th century, but it was destroyed along with living quarters of the monks during Mongol invasion of 1235. Subsequently the monastery went into decline and was abandoned. Currently parts of the Sanahin Monastery undergoes renovation. Architects attempt to stabilize the grounds of the complex to keep structure from collapsing. Abbey lies on a popular hiking route that also includes Armenian medieval landmarks like Odzun Monastery and Haghspat Monastery along its path.


Sanahin Monastery  Sanahin Monastery  Sanahin Monastery







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