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Armenia Destinations Travel Guide




Flag of Armenia

Language: Armenian

Currency: Drarm (AMD)

Calling Code: 374





Travel Destination in Armenia


Ararat Province (Armenia)

Khor Virap Monastery


Khor Virap Monastery offers a great view of the mountain Ararat. According to Old Testament this was the mountain where Noah's Ark have landed after the Great Flood.


Armavir Province (Armenia)

Etchmiadzin Monastery


Etchmiadzin Monastery is an ancient Christian complex that is made up of Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the mother church of the Armenian Apostolic Church, church of Hripsime, Gayane basilica



Kotayk Province (Armenia)

Geghard Monastery


Geghard Monastery originally found in the 4th century AD is one of the oldest Christian monasteries. It is situated in Goght, Kotayk Province of Armenia.


Lori Province (Armenia)

Akhtala Monastery


Akhtala Monastery is located 185 kilometers (115 mi) north of Armenian capital of Yerevan near a town of Akhtala of Lori Province.


Debed Canyon


Debed Canyon is located in Armenia and stretches for 178 km. This picturesque valley is an important highway between Armenia and neighboring Georgia.

Haghpat Monastery


Haghpat Monastery located in Haghpat, Lori Province of Armenia was found in 10th century by Saint Nishan (Sourb Nshan).


Kobayr Monastery


Kobyar Monastery is located just of the Highway 6 in a Lori Province of Armenia. The name is derived from a village of Kober or Kobyar that is located near by.

Odzun Monastery


Odzun Monastery in Lori Province, Armenia is a medieval monastery that was built during early Medieval period in a remote plateau on the left bank of Debed river.




Sanahin Monastery


Sanahin Monastery was constructed in the 10th century on the slopes of Mount Tchantinler, although first references of a Christian church on this location date back to the 4th and 5th centuries. 


Yerevan Province (Armenia)

Erebuni Fortress


Erebuni Fortress was built 782 BC by King Argishti I on a strategic hill overlooking Armenian capital of Yerevan below.










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