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Tunari National Park

Tunari National Park

Tunari National Park is located in the western part of Cochabamba Department in Bolivia. This national reserve covers an area of 3,090 km².



Location: Cochabamba Department   Map

Area: 3,090 km²




Description of Tunari National Park

Tunari National Park  Tunari National Park 

The climate of the region of Tunari National Park is fairly dry and cool. Its average temperature usually fluctuate between 22C and -5C. It highest mountain is Pico Tunari that reaches and elevation of 5,035 meters. The land here is inhabited by Aymara and Quechua native tribes that co- exist peacefully.  City of Cochabamba has a central office dedicated to Tunari National Park and three cabins for tourist use. Additionally you can get extra lodging in the Municipality of Tiquipaya. The national park has several hiking trails. If you want to be on a safe side travel in groups and accompanied by a local guide that ask low prices for their services.












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