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Ahaggar National Park (جبال هقار)

Moon Landscape at Ahaggar National Park



Location: Tamanrasset Province Map

Area: 3,800 km²

Charles Eugène de Foucauld

Charles Eugène de Foucauld

1858- 1916




Description of Ahaggar National Park

Ahaggar National Park is an extensive protected reserve that protects unique biosphere of Ahaggar Mountains. It covers 3,800 km² in the South Algeria. Ahaggar National Park is located in the South Algeria and cover large expanse of Ahaggar Mountains in the Sahara Desert Highlands. Bizarre and picturesque shapes of the mountains were formed due to volcanic activity centuries ago. Its highest point is Mount Tahat at an elevation of 2918 meters above seal level.


Climate in Ahaggar National Park is continental. It is hot and dry in summers, while in winters the temperature might drop below freezing. Keep in mind that nights in Sahara desert are generally speaking very cold. Even after hottest day temperature can drop significantly.


Ahaggar National Park was historically inhabited by Tuareg tribes. Their kingdom known as Kel Ahaggar was established in the middle of the 18th century. In 1903 like much of North Africa, Tuareg came to a protectorate of France. Many French priests and monks came here to preach Gospel, help people or simply leave in solitude among foreign and beautiful Ahaggar mountains. The most famous resident of Ahaggar National Park was French Catholic father Charles Eugène de Foucauld founder of Little Brothers of Jesus. He became locally known as a wise and descent man who helped people of all religions and walks of life. Unfortunately on December 1, 1916 father Charles was shot and killed by passing Bedouins. He was beatified on 13 November 2005 by Pope Benedict XVI.








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