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Location: Blida Province  Map

Area: 260 km2

Tel. (213.025) 41 64 61

Fax (213.025) 41 63 63



Chrea National Park (الحديقة الوطنية الشريعة)

.Chrea National Park (الحديقة الوطنية الشريعة)






Description of Chrea National Park

Chrea National Park situated in the north Algeria covers 260 square kilometres of Tell Atlas range. Unusual terrain and climate creates an unique isolated habitat for different biospheres that coexist here. Over 1200 of different species call Chrea National Park their home. Many of the plants, animals and birds are endemic to the region. Local people take particular pride in magnificent raptor species that are associated with strength and agility in the local folklore. Although few farmers do live on the territory of the protected biosphere they do minimal damage to the surrounding area. With tourist money flowing in they see no sense in hunting or logging magnificent Atlas cider (Cedrus atlantica) forests that are wide spread in the area.


Besides hiking and camping the area is also famous for its Chrea Skiing Station. It is one of the few places in Africa that even sees snow and certainly one of the few skiing destinations on the continent. It is a general rule whether you are hiking or skiing keep yourself warm and expect decreased temperatures especially at night. Another popular destination is grotto of Chiffa that harbors Barbary Macaque or Barbary Apes (Macaca sylvanus) as they commonly referred. This endemic specie is on the endangered list and National Park is one of the last places there you will see one up close.








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