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Djurdjura National Park (الحديقة الوطنية جرجرة)

Djurdjura National Park




Location: Kabylia Map


Area: 82.25 km2





Description of Djurdjura National Park

Djurdjura National Park situated in Kabylie region of Algeria covers 82.25 km2. Park gets its name from Djurdjura mountain range that it protects against human intrusion. Djurdjura National Park is a magnificent arid biosphere in the North Algeria. Name of Djurdjura National Park is roughly translated as "mountain of the mountains" after a range that passes through this natural reserve. In the time of Roman domination it was called Montus Ferratus or "Iron Mountains" either for the soil for toughness of the local tribes that hid in the mountains. Most famous inhabitant of these mountains is a Barbary macaque, endangered primate that is endemic to North Africa.


Djurdjura National Park was established in 1956. It can be roughly divided into three regions: western, eastern and central region. Djurdjura mountains obviously is the main dominating feature here. Peak Lalla Hedidya is the tallest and reaches an elevation of 2309 meters above sea level. Djurdjura National Park also contains the deepest cave in Africa that is known as Anou Ifflis Cave that is very popular with the tourists.









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