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Location: El Tarf Province Map

Area: 800 km2

El Kala National Park (الحديقة الوطنية القالة)

El Kala National Park (الحديقة الوطنية القالة)







Description of El Kala National Park

El Kala National Park situated in the North East corner of Algeria in the El Tarf province covers 800 square miles. El Kala National Park protected nature reserve is made of a mosaic of ecosystems including sclerophyllous forests, coastal Mediterranean, lakes, deserts and marine. Due to its biodiversity this Algerian park was recognized by UNESCO in 1990. Many of the species that live here are endemic. Human expansion, hunting and reckless behaviour of some of the tourists put many of the species in danger of complete extinction. Natural Park contains a small zoo, eco- museum and several bird watching towers. Lakes and adjusted wetlands are particularly abundant in many species of birds. Lake Tonga is one of the most popular and easily reached for tourists. Aside hiking and camping this park draws many people for swimming and diving in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Algeria. If you are lucky you might see a Barbary stag, a small specie of a deer that is common here. In all there is about 88 species of different birds and 40 species of mammals living here.









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