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Location: Béjaïa Province Map

Area: 20.8 km²

Gouraya National Park (الحديقة الوطنية قورايا)

Gouraya National Park (الحديقة الوطنية قورايا)







Description of Gouraya National Park

Gouraya National Park situated in Béjaïa Province in the Northern Algeria. This natural reserve covers an area of 20.8 km² on the Mediterranean coast. Much of Gouraya National Park territory lies along the coast of Mediterranean coast. Its mild warm climate differs from the the hot and dry Sahara desert just few miles south of the protected reserve. The closest city to Gouraya National Park is Sidi Touati. It derives its name from a mountain Gouraya, the highest point here. Additionally this nature biosphere is recognized by the UNESCO for its unique landscape and particularly Barbary Macaques that are endemic to the region. Other species that call this National Park home are wild cats, Algerian hedgehog, jackals and many others. If you visit the coast you can also encounter a harbour porpoise, bottleneck dolphin and common dolphin. They are commonly seen in groups near the coast although they rarely approach land too closely. So you might want to rent a boat and travel out at sea.











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