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Tiddis Archaeological Site (Castellum Tidditanorum)



Location: Bni Hamden, Constantine Province Map


Entrance Fee: DA20, children DA10


Open: 8am- 4pm




Description of Tiddis Archaeological Site


Tiddis is an ancient Roman settlement situated near Bni Hamden village in the Constantine Province of Algeria. Tiddis also known as Castellum Tidditanorum or Tiddi is an ancient Roman city constructed in the 4th century BC. Its baths, gates, city walls, as well as other beautiful religious, commercial and residence building present tourists with a rear opportunity to view Roman planning unhindered by later houses, or extensive looting by the locals. Thanks to its isolate location Tiddis managed to avoid destruction by later generations.
Some historians and archeologists call the settlement "city of gods". Tiddis has numerous temples and churches dedicated to various religious. This includes traditional Roman gods like Vesta and Ceres, later cults of Mirtha and Carthaginian Baal Hammon. many of the pagan temples were later converted to Christian churches as a new religion spread through the region. It became a dominant religion in the region dominated by large and prosperous urban centers. Additionally Tiddis was a seat of a Christian bishop as early as a 5th century.