Khutse Game Reserve

Khutse Game Reserve

Location: Central Botswana

Area: 2500 km


Description of Khutse Game Reserve

Khutse Game Reserve is a protected area in central Botswana just outside of the nation's capital. The name Khutse Game Reserve is derived from local native Sekwena language (local dialect of Tswana) word "Khutse". It is translated as "where one kneels to drink". Khutse Game Reserve covers an area of 2500 square kilometers. Khutse Game Reserve was formed in 1971 by the government that nationalized this dry and largely uninhabited (by humans) land.


Benefits of the wildlife
The area is very close to the Okavango Delta so the animals in the rainy season join in to increase their numbers and return some more and do not result in an increase in tourism. of his. Tourism in the area mainly involves watching and photographing wildlife and other natural resources. Regulated fishing and fishing activities are also some of the activities. There are about 112 species of mammals, and most of these animals are actually carriers.

Visitor access points
Kuke has a couple of places to visit guests, places to sleep, food and show visitors to animals in the woods. people are invited to drink and eat in different ways and countries.

Built in an African style, the Khutse Lodge often showcases visitors to the wildlife in the surrounding areas and reunites them with the people of the Sesotho community. The place opened in 2003, and the resort has 24 bedrooms. These houses are built with a luxurious atmosphere, inside every home and every guest can find their needs.

The voice of the people about the Rest
Most of the indigenous peoples of the area are mainly San and Kgalagadi, who are native to the area. and some are for sale at Khutse Lodge for decoration. Both tribes are very friendly and friendly with foreigners and have time to educate tourists about local statues. , that is what they live for and they use many species to hunt. They know how to smell animals when they go hunting.