Zangezur National Park

Zangezur National Park

Location: Ordubad Rayon   Map

Area: 12,131 hectares (121.31 km2)


Description of Zangezur National Park

Zangezur National Park is situated in Ordubad Rayon of Azerbaijan. It covers an area of 12,131 hectares (121.31 km2). Zangezur National Park is fairly large extensive protected reserve in the Orduban region of Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic. Its geographic location is also the reason why it is called Orduban National Park. Zangezur National Park is not very well marked so you can easily step outside its boundaries are virtually non- existent. It was established in 2003 and dedicated to Hasan Aliyev, former presidents of Azerbaijan. Zangezur National Park was created to preserve and restore populations of endangered animals including striped hyenas, leopards, Transcaucasia mouflon, bezoar goat, Caucasian grouse, brown bear. In total there are 58 species of animals and 39 species of plants. Unfortunately few locals seem to honor borders of Zangezur National Park. It is still common to see hunters who illegally kill local endangered species.
The best time to visit Zangezur National Park is between March and November months during warmer period of the year. However even when the snow doesn't cover the mountain range hiking through the region requires great deal of physical stamina. In addition to rich flora and fauna Zangezur National Park is famous for numerous ruins including medieval bridges, dwellings, churches and other buildings.


Zangezur National Park has a rich biological diversity. Of the animals, insects and plants listed in the Red Book of Azerbaijan, 58 (35 vertebrates and 20 insects) animal species and 39 plant species live in the park. Of the rare and endangered representatives of the fauna, one can name the Asian leopard, mountain sheep - the mouflon, bezoar goat, white-tailed eagle, golden eagle and bustard.