Göygöl National Park

Göygöl National Park

Location: Goygol Rayon Map

Area: 12,755 hectares (127.55 km2)


Description of Goygol National Park

Göygöl National Park is a nature reserve in the Goygol Rayon of Azerbaijan. The reserve covers an area of 12,755 hectares (127.55 km2). Goygol National Park protects an area with unique for Azerbaijan biosphere located on the wonderful scenic mountain Kapaz. While much of the country is covered by semi arid mountains and hills, Goygol National Park protects 12,755 hectares of luscious forest that spreads around several lakes.
Goygol National Park was initially established in 1920's near a village of Goygol and a lake Goygol, but due to developing industrial complex of Soviet Union it was shortly abandoned. Its name, Goygol, can be translated from Azerbaijani language as a "blue lake" due to color of the lake waters. The lake was formed in 1139 after a massive earthquake that is quiet frequen in the region. Part of the Kepez mountain collapsed to the valley below and creating a natural dam on Ahsuchay river that led to formation of the Goygol Lake. Other smaller lakes include Zeligel, Maral- Gel, Aggele, Shamilgel, Garagel and many others.
Current Goygol National Park was established on April 1, 2008 on picturesque Mount Kapaz that reaches an altitude of 3060 meters above sea level. It was designed to protect local flora and fauna against encroaching human activity. Forest in Goygol National Park contains over 80 species of various plants at an elevation of 1100- 2200 meters above sea level.


Forests of the reserve are mainly oak, alder, white acacia.

The age of trees in oak forests reaches 90 years, in poplar forests - 60 years. The reserve also has wet poplar forests with vines and elm-poplar forests with shrub undergrowth. Liana-poplar forests are characterized by high productivity: they contain giant trees up to 40 meters high and a trunk diameter of up to 2.5 meters. The flora of the reserve consists of 420 species of plants, including 77 species of trees and shrubs (maple, aconite, cuff, astragalus, cloves, geranium, Quercus petraea subsp. Iberica (Steven ex M. Bieb.) Krassiln. - a kind of rock oak (Quercus petraea) [syn. Quercus iberica], Acer heldreichii subsp. trautvetteri (Medw.) AEMurray - Maple Troutfetter, subspecies of Heldreich maple).

Among the predators in the reserve are wolves, jackals, foxes, ermines, martens, reeds, forest cats, badgers, as well as 6 species of amphibians, 10 species of reptiles and 70 species of birds. From hoofed animals you can see wild boar and red deer.