Shirvan National Park

Shirvan National Park


Location: Salyan Rayon, Neftçala Rayon Map

Area: 544 km2


Description of Shirvan National Park

Shirvan National Park is a nature reserve that is located in the Salyan Rayon and Neftçala Rayon of Azerbaijan. Nature reserve covers an area of 544 km2. Shirvan National Park is a biosphere reserved that covers a large area of grasslands inhabited by endangered goitered or black- tailed gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa). These endemic gazelles used to live all across Azerbaijan, but growing human presence and hunting greatly decreased their population. Officials established Shirvan National Park in 1960 to protect this dwindling specie from complete extermination. It worked and today black tailed gazelle is not considered threatened.
Shirvan National Park today protects not only gazelles but also wetlands around Lake Schor- Gel and lake Chala- Gel. These lands are fairy empty during summer months, but in winter they swell with migrating birds that come here to nest. These species include steppe eagle, peregrine falcon, white- tailed eagle, swans, mullet and of course majestic flamingoes.
Greater animals include wolves, badgers, foxes, jackals and of course wild boars. This cute relatives of pigs are actually very violent, so don't try to approach or pet them. They have bad eye sight, but with their violent temper and heavy weight their handicap is really your problem. They can attack humans at will and without a reason. Additionally Shirvan National Park is inhabited by Syrian vipers that usually live around wetlands and hunt for frogs, stripped lizards and other creatures.


Entrance to the park is paid. A ticket costs 2 Azerbaijani manats. Children under the age of 6, schoolchildren and people with disabilities are exempted from entrance fees.