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Area: 1581 sq km

Entrance Fee: free

Bokor National Park

Bokor National Park







Description of Bokor National Park

Bokor National Park


Bokor National Park is a nature reserve situated in Cambodia. Bokor National Park covers a total area of 1581 sq km. Most prominent feature in Bokor National Park is an abandoned French hill station that date to 1920's. It is also known as a Bokor Hill Station. The central part of this abandoned complex is the Old French Palace (also known as Bokor Palace Hotel) that was constructed between 1917 and 1925. In 1950's and 1960's Old French Palace also acquired its own casino. Several movies were made on this location including City of Ghosts starring Matt Dillon. Currently Cambodian government tries to revive the reserve by erecting new buildings here.
Another notable building in Bokor National Park is the Black Palace or Damnak Sla Khmao (10 km from the hill station). It was constructed in 1936 for king Sihanouk. It was erected from black wood and brick.
Jungles around Bokor National Park is full of life. Among large mammals that live here you can find leopards, Indian elephant, pig- tailed macaque, Malayan sun bear, slow loris, Asiatic black bear, pangolin and many others.







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