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Brihadeeswarar Temple




Location: Tamil Nadu state  Map

Date: 1010 AD

Height: 217 ft (66 m)

When: Nov-Mar




Brihadeeswarar Temple is a Hindu religious complex in Tamil Nadu state of India. It was constructed in 1010 AD. It reaches a height of 217 ft (66 m). The Brihadeeswarar Temple is completely built of granite . It is the first and only temple of its kind in the world made of granite. It attracts people from its grandeur, architecture and central dome. This temple to UNESCO 's World Heritage declared.

It was built by the first Chola ruler Rajaraja Chola between 1003-1010 AD . It is also named after him as the Rajarajeshwar temple . It was counted among the largest structures in the world of its time. The building has thirteen (13) storeys (the height of the storeys is odd in all Hindu occupations.) The height is about 66 meters. The temple is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva .

It is a repository of crafts in every branch of art - architecture , stone and copper, iconography, painting, dance , music , jewelery and engraving. This temple is an excellent example of engraved Sanskrit and Tamil archive calligraphy. A feature of the construction art of this temple is that the shadow of its dome does not fall on the earth. Swarnakalash is situated on the summit. The stone on which this urn is located is estimated to have a weight of 2200 mana (80 tons) and is made of a single stone . Seeing the huge, magnificent Shivalinga installed in the temple, his name Brihadeeswarar seems appropriate.

On entering the temple there is a square pavilion inside the gopuram . Nandi is seated on the platform there . This statue of Nandi is 6 meters long, 2.6 meters wide and 3.7 meters high. This is the second largest statue of Nandji built in India with the same stone. Other scenic temples in Tanjore are Tiruvoririyur, Gangaikondacholapuram and Darasuram.






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