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Location: Chhatarpur District  Map

Closed: Aug- Sept

MP Tourism Chandela Cultural Center

(07686) 27 4051

Khajuraho Archaeological Site

Khajuraho Archaeological Site







Description of Khajuraho Archaeological Site

Khajuraho Archaeological Site

Khajuraho is a massive religious complex situated in Chhatarpur District in India. It is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Khajuraho Archaeological Site was constructed in the 10th and 11th centuries during rule of the Chandela dynasty. Legend claim that the original founder of the dynasty was son of Hemavati (young daughter of Brahmin priest) and moon god. Pregnant woman was forced to venture deep into a forest of a central India. There a boy was born and raised. Eventually he became a leader of a large regional empire. In total where were about 85 temples constructed in the country's capital, although about quarter of the original structures remain standing. Its original name is derived from Kharjuravāhaka which means "date palm" (Kharjura- Phoenix dactylifera) and "one who carries" (vāhaka). It is famous for beautiful carved statues in poses that were probably derived from reading Kama Sutra. The site went into decline in the 13th century and re- discovered in 1838 by a British army engineer Captain T.S. Burt.






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