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Sanjay Gandhi National Park (aka Borivali)

Sanjay Gandhi National Park




Location: outside of Mumbai, Maharashtra State   Map

Area: 104 km2 (40 mi2)





Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a small pristine park on the outskirts of Mumbai in Maharashtra State in India. Sanjay Gandhi National Park covers an area of 104 km2 (40 mi2) of thick jungles. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park has a long history dating back to the fourth century BC. In ancient India, Sopoara and Kalyan were two nearby ports that traded with ancient civilizations such as Greece and Mesopotamia. The 45 km land route between these two ports was partly through the forest.

The Kanheri caves in the center of the park were an important Buddhist learning center and pilgrimage site sculpted by Buddhist monks between the 9th and 1st centuries BC. They were carved in a basalt outcrop.

The park was called "Krishnagiri National Park" in the time before independence. At that time the surface of the park was only 20.26 km2. In 1969, the park was expanded to its current size by acquiring various properties of the forest reserve near the park. after this, an independent unit of the forestry department called "subdivision of the Borivali natural park" managed the area. The Krishnagiri National Park was created in 1974 and later renamed "Borivali National Park". In 1981, it was rededicated as "Sanjay Gandhi National Park" in memory of Sanjay Gandhi, the son of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who was killed in an 1980 aviation accident.