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Location: Rajasthan State  Map

Occupied: 1573- 1783

Bhangarh Abandoned City

Bhangarh Abandoned City






Description of Bhangarh Abandoned City

Bhangarg is an abandoned archeological site near modern city of Dausa in Alwar District, Rajasthan State of India. Bhangarg was found in 1573 during rule of Maharaja Bhagawant Das, one of the generals of Mughal Emperor Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar. Bhangarg was granted by a famous Emperor to the youngest son of one of his generals, Man Singh I. The city grew and prospered until 1783. The legend claims that local Guru Balu Nath had a quarrel with a prince that ruled Bhangarg. He cursed young ruler and all the residents of the city. It was abandoned by its citizens shortly thereafter and never returned. In reality this strange move was forced by famine that struck the region. Descendents of survivors didn't return to Bhangarg, assuming that the city was cursed and evil. Many locals still claim that they see ghosts and strange sounds on the empty streets of the city. Archeological site of Bhangarh is open to the tourists, but it is closed at night. Apparently local security enforced it very strictly.





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