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Aqaba Archeological Museum

Aqaba Archeological Museum

Archaeological Museum is located close to the historic Aqaba Castle and Ayla Archeological site. The building of the Aqaba Museum is a former palace of Sharif Hussein bin Ali. Although it dates to 1917, this private residence was modeled after old medieval castles with thick walls, arched walkways and a clock tower. Current Aqaba Archeological Museum was established within its walls in 1989 with a grand opening on January 1, 1990.



Location: Aqaba









Description of Aqaba Archeological Museum


Aqaba Archeological Museum holds a massive collection of artifacts that were discovered during archeological digs in Aqaba as well as items that were brought discovered accidentally by local residents of the town. The oldest specimen dates 4000 years ago when first humans first settled this area, although most interesting collection is that of the Medieval Muslim period. Coin collection that date to 10th- 12th century is particularly noteworthy. Aqaba was a trading town with ships and caravans from all over the Known World, so archeologists discovered numerous coins from various countries.









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